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Milestones: Morrissey is 53 today; watch 12 full Smiths, Moz concerts from 1983-2012

Well, it’s once again Morrissey’s birthday — insert “Unhappy Birthday” joke here — and the perpetually glum Smiths frontman is 53 today. To celebrate, we thought we’d dig up our favorite photo of him (yes, that’s Moz and Rick Astley), and then scour the depths of YouTube to see what kind of concert haul we could assemble.

Below, you’ll find a dozen full-length concerts spanning the years 1983 to present, with four shows by The Smiths (including the gig recorded for the Rank live album), and another eight from Morrissey, the highlight of which is probably the 2007 concert at the Hollywood Bowl that was filmed for DVD release and then scrapped prior to release.

As for Moz himself, he’ll celebrate tonight on stage in San Diego.


The Smiths, Manchester, UK, 7/6/83


The Smiths, Derby, UK, 12/7/83


The Smiths, Madrid, Spain, 5/18/85


The Smiths, Kilburn, UK, 10/23/86


Morrissey, Dallas, TX, USA, 6/17/91


Morrissey, London, UK, 10/4/91


Morrissey, Osaka, Japan, 8/17/02


Morrissey, Hultsfred, Sweden, 6/19/04


Morrissey, Hollywood, CA, USA, 6/8/07


Morrissey, Glastonbury, UK, 6/24/11


Morrissey, Vina del Mar, Chile, 2/24/12


Morrissey, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 3/11/12






  1. Coco Gordon-Moore

    Sweet Rickroll.

  2. He still wont act his age.

  3. Going to see him on Saturday. Wish me luck!

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