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Pixies in the studio? Perry Farrell suggests they are, tweeting, ‘Pixies r recording’

Since reuniting in 2004, the Pixies have released a grand total of two new tracks — one a new song (“Bam Thwok”), the other a Warren Zevon cover (“Ain’t That Pretty At All”) — despite fans’ increasing calls for the band to not just keep touring the old stuff, but record a new album, as well. But could that finally be happening?

Last night, Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell replied to a tweet from @leCultVult —  who wrote, “@perryfarrell back in the day the cool kids at my high school it was all about Jane’s Addiction and the Pixies” — by writing, “Still is Pixies r recording.”

So did Farrell just reveal that the Pixies are in the studio? Several followers immediately tweeted at him for clarification, but Farrell did not respond and has not addressed it on Twitter again.

Since nearly as long as the Pixies have been back together, there’s been talk of a new album, with convention wisdom being that bassist Kim Deal, who wrote “Bam Thowk,” being the key hold-out.  When Slicing Up Eyeballs interviewed guitarist Joey Santiago last fall, he said the band was talking about making an album, but that it was, “just still in the chit-chat phase.” Nevertheless, he said he wanted to record again with the Pixies: “You know, I’d like to give it a shot, just to see what we’d come out with. Certainly, we don’t have to put it out if it sucks.”

Since wrapping up their Doolittle tours last fall, the Pixies have announced no new plans.







  1. Would be great, but not getting hopes up yet.

  2. James Fogel

    Let’s hope this is true.

  3. Exciting News (potentially)

  4. Thats like saying there will be a hl3 it may happen and you know it will be good but WHEN my god WHEN??

  5. I know for a fact this will happen and is happening right now.

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