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Milestones: Today is Joey Santiago’s and Kim Deal’s birthday; watch Pixies live in 1991

We’ve got a rare double milestone today, as not one but two members of the Pixies — bassist Kim Deal and guitarist Joey Santiago — celebrate their birthdays (she’s 51 and he’s 47). Since we’ve already posted full 1988 and 1989 concerts, we’ll celebrate this doubly illustrious day with this complete 29-song Trompe le Monde-era set.

The concert — posted by YouTuber cobyblack — was shot June 26, 1991, at Brixton Academy in London. Not surprisingly, the set is heavy on Trompe le Monde and Bossanova material that doesn’t make the cut anymore in the reunited band’s setlists. Watch the whole thing in the playlist above, or check out the individual clips at Slicing Up Video.


Setlist: Pixies, Brixton Academy, London, UK, 6/26/91

1. “Rock Music”
2. “Debaser”
3. “River Euphrates”
4. “The Happening”
5. “Allison”
6. “Velouria”
7. “Into The White”
8. “Bone Machine”
9. “Gouge Away”
10. “Hang Wire”
11. “I Bleed”
12. “Is She Weird?”
13. “Letter to Memphis”
14. “Palace of the Brine”
15. “Planet Of Sound”
16. “Where Is My Mind?”
17. “The Holiday Song”
18. “Break My Body”
19. “Blown Away”
20. “Here Comes Your Man”
21. “Subbacultcha”
22. “Mr. Grieves”
23. “Trompe le Monde”
24. “The Sad Punk”
25. “Monkey Gone To Heaven”
26. “Motorway to Roswell”
27. “Vamos”
28. “Head On”
29. “Tame”







  1. Happy Birthday, Kim, Kelley and Joey!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. ¡Felcidades Kim y Joey!

  4. Ty Snouffer

    Not that you see it here, but why does Trompe and Bossa get rated so lowly by fans. I think they are great!

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