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Wayne Hussey: The Mission to record new album over next year for fall 2013 release

The ongoing 25th anniversary reunion of goth-rock legends The Mission will lead to new music after all as frontman Wayne Hussey — who originally promised “nostalgia: nothing more, nothing less” — this week announced that he and his bandmates plan to write and record a new album over the next year with an eye toward a fall 2013 release.

The new album will be the first from The Mission — which currently features original members Hussey, Simon Hinkler and Craig Adams, plus new drummer Mike Kelly — since 2007’s God Is a Bullet, and the first featuring Hussey, Hinkler and Adams since 1990′s Carved In Sand.

Tucked at the end of a lengthy post about the tour with Killing Joke and The Cult, Hussey wrote:

“And, just in case you hadn’t heard, during a TV interview that I did here in Brazil, I did let it slip that Craig, Simon, Mike and myself are planning to record a new Mission album over the next 12 months. Before we all get carried away just let me say that we first have to write the songs and that’s usually quite a lengthy process. We anticipate starting to record the album in springtime hopefully in time for an autumn 2013 release.”

Hussey reunited The Mission in fall 2011 for the first time since the band’s string of album-spanning farewell gigs in London in February and March 2008. Since then, the band has performed through Europe, Mexico and South America.






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    Ya gotta pay the bills somehow. Looking forward to it!

  2. I can’t wait! Although he pulled a gag like this for April Fools Day a couple of years ago. Sounds like he is being serious this time tho!

  3. Now the wait begins…will the new album be as brilliant as the comeback albums from OMD and Wire were or will it be a stinker like the new Gang of Four was? Either way, glad they are giving it a shot.

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