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Video: Peter Gabriel teases ‘So’ reissue with clip of ‘Sledgehammer’ from ‘Live in Athens’

Peter Gabriel is offering fans the first taste of the visual component of the upcoming, and somewhat belated, 25th anniversary reissue of his So album in the form of this 1-minute clip of “Sledgehammer” from the newly restored “Live in Athens 1987” DVD — formerly the Martin Scorsese-produced concert film “PoV” — that will be included in the deluxe box set version of the reissue. That set, which includes four CDs, two DVDs, two vinyl records and a 60-page book, is due out Oct. 23.






  1. I’ve already ordered this, but in this clip, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t the actual audio for the video we’re seeing. He, quite obviously, moves the mic away from his mouth while you can still hear vocals.

    So, he was either lip-syncing during the concert or this is overdubbed or remixed with audio from separate sources.

    Kind of a bummer if the whole film is like this.

    • I saw this tour two nights in a row and I saw the Security and UP tour also. He did not lipsynch in concert, I can guarantee it. It’s just a screw up in the synch, that is all.

  2. I really hope the vinyl version of this release is sold stand alone unlike Bowie’s Station to Station re-release. That really burned me. If this becomes the case I think I will pass on buying any version just out of principle. Gabriel owns the rights to his catalog now so if he does that it will only be his greed to blame, not some big, bad record company.

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