Video — September 5, 2012 at 12:22 am

Video: The Cult, ‘Honey From a Knife’ — second single from ‘Choice of Weapon’ LP

With a downsized U.K. tour saddled with apparently poor ticket sales and the loss of Killing Joke as an opening act set to kick off next week, The Cult has just issued a new music video for “Honey From a Knife,” the opening track and second official single from the band’s current album, Choice of Weapon. The clip features a guy being chased by the horned beast that appears on the album’s cover; singer Ian Astbury explains that the video reveals a “desperate descent into a fractured psyche.”







  1. Not the best choice for a single from this record, should have gone with “The Wolf”, that song is old school, bad ass Cult!

  2. “The Wolf” is good, very “Sanctuary”-ish. I like this song too. Also, given these guys debuted in the top 30 on billboard at this point in their career, I think they’re holding up pretty well. Perhaps they got a little over ambitious with the larger venues, but they still sell out the smaller ones (at least in the states).

    I think Jaz Coleman showed a huge lack of class to them and his own bandmates in KJ by his rant and disappearance. But his sanity is questionable at best.

    I love both bands so that whole debacle is annoying.

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