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Echo & The Bunnymen spinoff Poltergeist announces debut album ‘Your Mind is a Box’

Echo & The Bunnymen spinoff Poltergeist — an instrumental trio that reunites guitarist Will Sergeant with former bassist and founding member Les Pattinson — today announced it will release a debut album titled Your Mind Is A Box (Let Us Fill It With Wonder) in March then perform a series of U.K. dates later that month.

The band, which also features current Bunnymen drummer Nick Kilroe, is selling the album via Pledge Music and expects to initially release it via download on March 4. Head over to to see the various packages available, including CD and double-vinyl releases. Check out a short promo video for the album below.

Sergeant describes the project:

“We create a form of rock music with its toes paddling in the progressive ocean foam of the sixties and seventies and its head in the bone dry air of the present day. We want to try and get away from the traditional band format of the line across the stage. There are 12 notes in a scale and we intend to use most of them.”

The band also is set to play five U.K. shows in March (see dates below).

As for Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch, he’s making use of the downtime as well. The Bunnymen’s Facebook page today announced that Mac has been demoing new songs with Killing Joke bassist Youth, and plans to continue playing “his intimate acoustic dates around the world.”


Poltergeist tour dates:

March 13: Oran Mor, Glasgow, UK
March 14: Hoxton Bar & Grill, London, UK
March 16: The Kazimier, Liverpool, UK
March 22: Sound Control, Manchester, UK
March 23: Fibbers, York, UK







  1. Notch Johnson

    Of course I’d rather see a new bunnymen record (nothing since 2009’s The Fountain) this is cool.

  2. The Bunnymen are my fave group of all time. That said, The Fountain LP was dialed in – tired, cliched, boring. Maybe these projects will re-energise them…also, if Ian doesn’t get off the ciggies soon his voice will go from being half-shot to entirely shot…

  3. Pro Patria Mori is an amazing album.

  4. Sounds fantastic. Will and Les always played brilliantly together. They should get Noel Burke to lay down some vocal tracks, call themselves…

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