Video — January 14, 2013 at 7:40 am

Video: Johnny Marr, ‘Upstarts’ — first official single off ‘The Messenger’

Although he’s already premiered a couple tracks and released a video, Johnny Marr today debuted the video for the first official single from his upcoming solo album The Messenger, a David Barnes-directed performance clip for the song “Upstarts” that you can check out right here. “Upstarts” will be released Feb. 18 in the U.K. as a download, CD single and on 7-inch with the B-side “Psychic Beginner.”


Tracklist: Johnny Marr, “Upstarts”

1. “Upstarts”

2. “Psychic Beginner”






  1. Notch Johnson

    Good stuff although I liked messenger better.

  2. This is, umm, underwhelming.

  3. I can’t help but think “Ace Frehley’s solo record and New York Groove.” Uncanny!

  4. This feels like a Blondie video for some reason…

    • …the reason is you’re 59 years old.

      • Me thinks Tooslim73 might have a stiff one for Marr..
        and yes, yes it is bland to say the least

        • agreed. Apparently opinions are not valid because this is Tooslim73’s world. I think it is bold, brash and original… is what I would have said back in 1992, but honestly, for an artist with his pedigree, I expected something far more distinguised from such an amazing guitarist.

  5. Music today is 31 flavors of suck. How can the guitarist who wrote Still Ill, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, et al. (countless other great songs) try to shovel forth this lukewarm turd pile? A 192k MP3 rip should probably improve this record’s quality measurably.

    Oh, and Modest Mouse… what a waste of a brilliant guitarist’s time.

    Frankly Mr Johnny, give us money.

    • …or “I can’t believe he still cranks the same old Smiths riffs …give something new Marr.

      Don’t get married, you’ll never please a woman.

  6. For everyone who has left a negative comment, I don’t recall seeing anyone of you making any type of music. Might not be his best but I don’t see you doing any better. Everybody’s a fuckin critic.

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