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Steven Severin hints at something new from The Glove coming ‘for collectors’ in April

It’s been a few years since former Siouxsie and the Banshees bassist Steven Severin expressed hope that he could one day work with The Cure’s Robert Smith on new music together as The Glove, and while it’s unclear whether that ever happened, it appears there’s something on the horizon from the short-lived side project.

Severin today hinted some sort of release is coming, posting on Facebook this cryptic message:

“Can’t spill the beanz yet, but….there is GLOVELINESS for collectors coming in April.”

Now, the “for collectors” line suggests it’s old material, but just want it could be isn’t yet known — although the mention of April could suggest a Record Store Day vinyl release. The Glove’s lone album, 1983′s Blue Sunshine, was reissued in 2006 as a 2CD deluxe edition with a disc full of demos featuring Smith’s vocals instead of singer Jeanette Landray, who handled most of the vocals on the completed album.

Severin — who in recent years has been recording and performing new scores for Depression-era silent films — said in that 2010 interview that he and Smith had discussed recording a second Glove album, and that Smith told him it was “just a matter of time” before that happened.

Severin noted:  “Making space for it means effectively shutting down The Cure for six to nine months. That’s a huge machine with many people depending on it for their livelihoods so timing is key.  One day, I hope.”

April, of course, will be a busy month for fans of The Cure, with the band having just announced it will embark on a Latin American tour that will bring Smith and Co. to South America for the first time since the mid-’90s.






  1. Am I the only person who feels absolutely no excitement for these record store day releases? Impossible to get, they sell for a fortune on the aftermarket, and I haven’t had a turntable in about 15 years. Whatever it is I hope it’s released digitally as well.

  2. What the heck ever happened to Siouxsie since “Mantaray”? Luckily some things get released digitally, maybe a month or two later. That happened with the Deborah Harry/Franz Ferdinand collaboration.

    • “What the heck ever happened to Siouxsie since “Mantaray”?”

      I read somewhere that she got into a severe car accident, putting a major setback to her planned follow-up…

  3. I bet it’s a version of a cut (or cuts) with Smith doing the vocals, which are already available on the rerelease.

  4. I miss record stores. But I’m old too! I hope there is a hidden gem from the Glove sessions to sate my affection for the olden days of the Cure/Banshees best collective minds.

  5. ThereIsNothing

    There is nothing. Just another attempt to cash in on past performances. Ew, ew, blew vinyl! And it’s numberd!

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