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Video: Depeche Mode, ‘Soft Touch/Raw Nerve’ — performed live in the studio

Depeche Mode today premiered a live in-the-studio performance video for Delta Machine track “Soft Touch/Raw Nerve,” a clip that appears to have been filmed at the same time as the second video released for the album’s lead single, “Heaven.” Check out the new performance footage of “Soft Touch/Raw Nerve” here via The Guardian.






  1. The least enjoyable “bare – in the studio” version I’ve heard yet :|
    I’m basically just WTF about the new album.

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    British 90’s indie rock has returned! If another band released this song as-is, i would say it’s actually pretty good. But coming from Depeche Mode… it’s mediocre, bland and forgettable. Such a shame from true legends.

    The only thing i liked about this video was seeing the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth in use (the little box that’s being played in the beginning)

  3. DumfriesDon

    This is a really $h!te album! I gave it a real chance – listened to it so many times over the last 2 weeks hoping it will get better, but alas…

    The only good thing about DM is Dave’s voice, but it doesn’t complement their music anymore.

    Their last 5 albums have been very below par; so far removed from the greats like Violator and Black Celebration! Best to retire now, DM!

  4. I agree this is an inferior performance of this song. I even hated the album the first time I heard it but for some reason the album began to deompress in my head and I feel like its their best release since Violator. It might even be better in my thoughts.

  5. Awful album. Don’t like this mix of blues, industrial rock & synth that preoccupied whole new DM album. Depeche Mode is not rock blues band. I think that is producer completely wrong choice for Depeche Mode. Time for pension for true legends of synth-pop, or get Alan Wilder back and get some decent new producer who understand synth, dance & electro music (for example, Stuart Price – Seal, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys…). I think that is only chance to get DM back.

  6. Billy Babcock

    Marko – The producer of Seal, Madonna and PSB? That sounds like the worst idea since concentration camps.

    • Not really. I think this is a great idea. Maybe some positive shock & step in right direction. I think that Stuart Price really understand synth 80’s sound even if those three artist is not in the same league & style as Depeche Mode. Stuart Price is a big fan of Human League – Dare album and he was influenced by 80’s music. Same thing Duran did with Mark Ronson. Mark Ronson help Duran Duran to reinvent themselves. For Depeche Mode last three albums they choose same producer. Also, I think that Tim Simenon from Bomb The Bass & producer of DM Ultra is also an option. Ultra is for me one of the best Depeche Mode album. Better than PTA, SOTU and Delta Machine all together. And that man is a member of complete shite band Bomb The Bass. Also, Alan Wilder is obviously missing.

  7. Mattdeluxe

    Fantastic album, loving every minute, the blend of industrial electronics with blues is just awesome and actually not that new. Really they’ve been doing that since Violator, but this time it comes through more direct and intense, which I think is fantastic. Also loving the rawness in this performance.
    Hey Marko who says what DM has to sound like anyway? They have always been doing the music that they want to make without any preoccupations about what the band is “supposed” to sound like. In fact that might be the one reason the band is still around. And when was the last time DM released a dance track, like 25 years ago? Anyway please accept there are a great bunch of people who love the direction that DM have taken with this record. TKS!

    • Obviously Depeche Mode going shite when fan base becomes lots of 18 year old girls. And that thing happened after Violator. My favourite part in Depeche Mode history is from 81-87. That is real Depeche Mode, not this industrial-rock-synthblues shit in last 20 years. They really try to be a rock band, but obviously they’re better synth pop band. And that’s a fact.

    • John Gilles

      I’m glad you like the album; I wish I could too. I find the music after SOFAD to be mediocre and lacklustre. I miss the layers of sound and different tempos.

      I don’t know what has happened to Martin’s lyric writing either – most of his words over the last 4 albums sound very clichéd. For the first time, the few songs I do like on Delta Machine are Gahan’s songs – his song-writing is definitely improving.

      Anyway, just my opinion. Wish I could like this album.

  8. Marlowmode

    Great song!!!!DM are legends,GREAT album still going
    strong after 30 years and over 100 million album sells worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Also, they become predictable band. Every four year album & tour (1993-1997-2001-2005-2009-2013-2017??-2021??). Spontaneous?? I don’t think so. Let’s say, pretty boring.

    • So not only do you hate the album but you hate that they release albums on a somewhat regular basis and tour for said albums? Do you hate the fact that they play instruments and sing too? Too predictable?

  10. They don’t release album on a regular basis. That’s the main point. From 81-87 they release six studio albums and last 20 years they release only six. Obviously this is a problem with creativity.

  11. I feel like they just released a whole album of B-sides.

    • Definitely, every song on Delta Machine sounds like unfinished demoes. But B-sides from Depeche Mode in the past are amazing tracks like Dangerous, My Joy, Ice Machine…

  12. The Sci-Fi Fanatic

    It’s definitely not a favorite Depeche recording. I still have faith they will strike oil with one of their productions along the way. This isn’t it. Heaven and Soothe My Soul are standouts to be sure.

    I actually really prefer the Soulsavers effort with Gahan from last year. The Light The Dead See is much better.

    Still a fan and still optimistic.

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