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Video: New Order plays ‘Bizarre Love Triangle,’ ‘I’ll Stay With You’ on Kimmel

New Order on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

With a week to kill in Los Angeles between appearances at the Coachella festival, New Order popped up on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night to perform its classic single “Bizarre Love Triangle” on air plus treated fans to a bonus web-only version of “I’ll Stay With You,” the opening track off its just-released Lost Sirens collection of Waiting For the Sirens’ Call studio leftovers.

You can watch both performances below.

Bernard Sumner and Co. perform Thursday night with opener Johnny Marr in Santa Barbara before their second Coachella set on Saturday. The band also just announced it’ll return to the U.S. in July for a short run of dates prior to its appearances at the Lollapalooza and Osheaga festivals in early August.

UPDATE: Peter Hook, not surprisingly, isn’t a fan of these performances.


New Order, “Bizarre Love Triangle”


New Order, “I’ll Stay With You”






  1. jazzmaster

    Bernard looks like he picked up a few moves from “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    Great music but still one of the worst singing voices in music. I still love you, Bernard. “:)

  3. New Order , what a Great band, What a Great life.

  4. Ahh, I love New Order, but they need to stop. Bernard looks like Bill Shatner. And appears to be dancing like him.

    • Tim Barlow

      Came on here to make exactly that point and you’d beaten me to it! William Shatner all the way! And, like Primal Scream with their abysmal new material, they should split up before they ruin their legacy completely…

  5. When did David Brent join NO? Also, I hate that the bass player thinks he’s Hooky… Anyways, saw them at Coachella and they were great…

  6. Now I know why Neil Tennant does not dance! But really that was just bad. Bernard looks and hops around like my drunk uncle. I live listening to NO, I am a huge fan…of studio recordings.

  7. Barney goes dad dancing, of dear, oh dear… least Gillian is back and looking cool as ever.

  8. Barney’s always been an awkward frontman, so no change there. But NO’s body of work is timeless, and I’m glad they’re still doing it live. Nice to see Gillian give a hint of a smile once in a while too!

  9. I don’t care that the man can’t dance, he sings off key sometimes….but I still love his lyrics, Yes he is getting old – big f’n deal! Who cares, he and the gang still look to be enjoying themselves and who ever says he looks like Bill Shatner….honestly, you can only hope you are as spry when you are Bill and Barneys age.

    • Tim Barlow

      …except there’s about 30 years between Bill and Barney’s ages. And you have no idea how old Terry is!

  10. Who judges dancing? Who cares? NO Rocks. Period. Yeah, Hooks not there but their music is still timeless. and P.S. Bernie could NEVER sing (where ya been for 30 years?)

  11. Anybody who was a fan of new order is almost the same age. I’m right there with him. Awesome. I’m happy for them. The music is still great.

  12. Great band with an awful singer, just like Blur.

  13. Bernard has always had a ‘peculiar’ voice for singing… But that’s exactly one of the elements that characterizes NO’s sound…If he were to sing flawlessly then that would not be NO…simple as that. They were just here in South America playing a few concerts…and they have many followers (young and older) Had the good fortune of meeting him at the hotel they were staying in and Bernard is a great guy, humble and down to earth dude. He left me with a great impression…

  14. I think he just sounds really bad, as if he makes no effort to sing at all.

  15. A few observations from the two performances. (1) it’s a TV studio effort, not all bands are at their top-notch best in those settings. Stick these guys in front of a packed indoor theatre of adoring fans, plus all the lights, lasers and projections etc and you’d probably see something different. (2) yep, Barn’s getting to the stage – on this evidence at least – where he should stay more rooted to the floor. Less dancing, get a mic stand in front of him permanently (preferably with a guitar in hand, too). (3) the singing? I thought “Stay With You” certainly came across better. (4) Tom Chapman – most New Order fans probably don’t mind you being there. But some of the bass-play posing-esque stances do come off as a tad forced in an attempt to replicate Hooky’s presence. Just play along and you’ll be fine Tom! (and yes, this is speaking as a New Order admirer and someone who doesn’t mind them continuing under Bernard’s leadership).

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