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Video: Depeche Mode performs ‘Soothe My Soul,’ ‘Heaven’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode returned to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday night for a follow-up to the band’s 2009 mini-concert, performing a short five-song set for a throng of fans, including its Delta Machine singles “Soothe My Soul” and “Heaven,” both of which were broadcast on the late-night show — and which can be seen below. The next stop on DM’s promotional blitz is a KROQ sponsored show at the 400-capacity Troubadour in Los Angeles on Friday.


Setlist: Depeche Mode, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Outdoor Stage, Los Angeles, 4/24/13

1. “Soothe My Soul”
2. “Should Be Higher”
3. “Heaven”
4. “Enjoy The Silence”
5. “Personal Jesus”


Depeche Mode, “Soothe My Soul”


Depeche Mode, “Heaven”






  1. Brilliant performances, probably the best they have ever sounded on live television, cant wait to see them in London & Dublin!!

  2. “Soothe Me Soul” is an awful song and definitely one of DM’s worst. “Heaven” comes off as one of the demos from the SOTU box set or something, still needs some serious polishing (time to drop Ben Hillier ASAP.

    • Have to agree with Devotee. This stuff’s disappointing. His voice can’t carry Heaven either. The Letterman appearance was equally weak. Playing The Angel was their last great album. Sounds of The Universe had its moments….some great alternate versions on You Tube. Delta Machine, though….haven’t bought it yet, but if these two are the best they’re pushing….meh…

  3. Agreed, Devotee. “Soothe My Soul” is a stinker.

  4. You want to know what’s impressive? All the promotional events these guys are doing. They really have great management and take advantage of the opportunities that come with being a well known band that has been around for decades. SXSW, Letterman, intimate Troubador gig and now this.

    • yes, it seems DM PR is top priority for the gravy train.

      • Yes, it’s all for PR…so what? You want them to put out a record and…let it sit there?

        • @Scott1 if you know DM, they’ve basically been on a “safe plan” since Dave’s return (back to life). Ever since the Singles Tour in ’98 they’ve been the same live, period. There are no surprises from DM.
          And it’s fucking DM dude! If the record is good, they could just let the record sit there and watch it climb the charts but if it’s a complete shite LP, the label’s gonna be on top of your asses to cover any losses with as much promo as possible.
          Also, you don’t think acts like DM have rep’s who troll sites like this for any feedback to report back to label and act signed? Think again.

  5. I thought they were great-like David says some will love the album, some will hate it, some will compare it other albums and say its not like that album etc

  6. I was there and it was awesome! was hoping for a couple more songs, but we were competing with the Iron Man 3 premiere :(

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