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Video: Johnny Marr plays ‘The Messenger,’ ‘How Soon Is Now?’ on Jimmy Fallon

Johnny Marr on Jimmy Fallon

Legendary former The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr is wrapping up his U.S. tour in support of solo album The Messenger, and found time to stop by “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” last night to perform the record’s title track on air and then stuck around for a web-only performance of “How Soon Is Now?” — both of which you can see below.

Marr’s tour finishes with concerts in New York City tonight, Brooklyn on Friday and Boston on Saturday.


Johnny Marr, “The Messenger”


Johnny Marr, “How Soon is Now?”






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    The first track is surprisingly very Smiths-like… i’m impressed. However, trying to replace Morrissey’s vocals on How Soon is utter sacrilege- especially with a voice like Marrs.

  2. Sacrilege for Marr to sing How Soon is Now??? Bullshit. He co-wrote the song and this is the best live rendition of the song. The Smiths back in the 80s couldn’t get it right because it was difficult in those days to replicate the guitar. Morrissey and his band can’t get it right these days either.

  3. SwampThing

    Ya know, Bat…Johnny Marr wrote “How Soon is Now”?
    If Moz weren’t such a d**k, we’d have a Smiths reunion.

  4. Yes, how odd that the man who wrote the Smith’s music wrote a song that sounds like The Smiths. Baffling, really. I like his takes on his catalogue a lot, always have.

    • It reminds me of the Lawsuit brought against John Fogerty by his former record label for sounding too much like CCR. Like, duh!!!!

  5. I really like the messenger. Great song.

    As for how soon is now, never a fav smiths song but unlike some, I’m fine to have Marr sing anything from those days.

  6. Johnny Marr is doing fine!
    The new album is fantastic and the tour is equally as good!
    I also prefer his take on Smith tunes over Moz’s any day!
    Really hope that the Smiths do not reunite…ever.

  7. Dear Lord in indie heaven,
    Don’t let The Smiths re-unite.

  8. Lee Beard

    Johnny Fucking Marr is greatness PERIOD!

  9. Did he beat Twitter up as well? Function, personalised wine bottles
    might be given as a token of thanks.

  10. To be honest, i think i prefer Marr’s version of How Soon Is Now?
    Anyone who has heard Morrissey’s new band knows that they have these rather bad “metal” sound and all the melody and sensitivity The Smiths had are now gone. I still have a profound respect for Mzz as a lyricist, but Marr and his band are way better musicians than Morrissey’s.

  11. rabieschic

    It’s not the vocals that make the Smiths tremendous… It’s Johnny Marr.

  12. “Best live rendition” indeed.

  13. Johnny Fan Boys In attendance,
    Horrible vocals on How soon, fandom does wonders for the ears. Moz singing the tune is hands down the better.

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