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Video: The Smiths’ Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke reunite on ‘How Soon Is Now?’ in Brooklyn

Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke

As Johnny Marr wraps up his U.S. tour in support of solo album The Messenger, he pulled a very special guest up on stage last night in Brooklyn: former Smiths bassist Andy Rourke, who helped play “How Soon Is Now?” in an on-stage reunion of half of that legendary band.

As Marr says in his introduction:

“When I was 15 and formed one of the first bands with my best friend, he was at that time one of the best musicians I’d ever heard. We were just kids. Then, in 1982, I formed a band in Manchester, and I asked my best friend to come play the bass with me and he’s still one of the best musicians I’d ever heard. And tonight, 30 years later, I’m going to invite one of my best friends in the world and he’s still one of the best musicians I’ve ever heard. From the Smiths, Mr. Andy Rourke on the bass.”

Check out video of the performance below via verbalalchemy.



And, afterwards, Marr tweeted:






  1. the dogs bollox ……. how soon ………………. morrisey ?

  2. stuart s

    Good now get the drummer back and a new young gay singer and slap Morrissey in the face.

  3. That was really sweet, Johnny!
    Very nice to see two old friends playing together again!

    You know, I’d actually really like a reunion of Johnny, Andy, and Mike without Morrissey. In fact, I would prefer it. I dread the thought of the Smiths possibly becoming another Pixies.
    While undergoing recent treatment for his health, I hope docs removed Moz’s head from his ass. It’s really hard for me to believe what a farse Moz has become of himself. Also very hard to imagine him being as genuine as these guys and NOT the constantly self-serving bore we’ve all become familiar with in recent years. Glad we’re not getting press releases from him lately though it’s only been a week or two.

    BTW Amanda Palmer, thanks for that love note to Moz urging him to seek financial assistant via Kickstarter but please, could you also give it a rest?
    Moz won’t do it because if the album fails, the Queen will only have himself to blame, not a record company or lack of promo, poor production, etc. He would stick with Visconti of course but even that well has run dry.

  4. Amazing. What was absolutely unique about The Smiths wasn’t Morrissey–he’s fine–but in the 80s there was no end to the Ferry/Bowie/Walker-esque crooners. What was absolutely unique was/is Marr. Mr. Soul.

  5. Jason Bentley

    Please. Morrissey WAS the Smiths.

    What do these guys have to show for their years since the breakup? Any #1 singles? Any top ten albums? Still regularly selling out concerts the world over? Rourke’s current claim to fame is DJing Brooklyn dive bars for 200 bucks a night. Sweet life.
    And let’s not forget Marr’s recent solo album which sold a grand total of 47 copies.

    VIVA MOZ. The man. The Myth. The Legend.

    Eloquent. Verbose. Talented. And most importantly, DIGNIFIED!

    These guys are complete has-beens and this reunification was just sad and embarrassing. Like everything they’ve ever done post-Smiths.

    • If there is anything worse than Morrissey, it’s his fans.

      The ONLY good thing Moz has done since the Smiths was directly help Arthur “Killer” Kane Jr. perform with his old buddies David Jo & Syl in the New York Dolls. Period.

    • Chris Ewen

      Shame on you.

    • Never forget, Jason worked as an A&R man before KCRW–he confuses sales for talent. Slagged by KCRW! I’m sure that will give Marr a laugh. But ok, let me humor you–when Marr
      was with Electronic they had a top 40 American hit–and several top 10 singles in the UK and their first album sold over a million copies. When Marr played/composed/produced Modest Mouse, they had a the #1 album in America. OK Mr. Radio DJ?

  6. Jason Bentley? of KCRW?

  7. Devotee is right…what he did for Arthur was pretty cool. For some reason when it comes to the The New York Dolls Morrissey is always able to come across looking genuine & relatable. But the rest of the time? Dignified?? How about hedonistic? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve long enjoyed the fruits of Morrissey’s art, I love to see him perform, & I’ll always buy his music but I doubt if I ever met him that I would be able to stomach his personality for any length of time. He is what he is…a pompous, and sometimes indignant man who seems to have only gotten worse with age.

  8. why the negativity?
    johnny marr co-wrote every Smiths song, so what’s wrong with him doing his own covers of any of them at his own shows? especially one with the most signature guitar riff of his entire career? fuck you guys. it’s not a “Smiths reunion.” just let people have fun playing their own damn songs. jesus christ. it also happens that his voice is really nice and good for this.

  9. Ryan Reeves

    Andy Rourke, Johnny Marr, and Mike Joyce should tour without Morrissey and call the band The Siths.

  10. They all really need to drop the egos, let go of the bitter feud and get on the road at The Smiths, with Morrissey singing these classic songs! THAT is a ticket I would pay $600 to see (ahem, Rolling Shitty Stones). Nearly even band since the dawn of time has had beefs and hideous breakups, and most of them always come back to the place where they realize the music and what they created should be the driving force of reconciling. You don’t have to love somebody to be able to share a stage with them for a few hours – ya know???

  11. Moz was the Smiths. The others are absolute zeros who have done little to nothing since. period.

    • Yeah, you’re totally right – the coolest thing about the Smiths was that flake prancing around a stage with flowers stuffed up his ass.

  12. I always thought The Smiths could have been a much better band if they would have chosen a different singer. Morrissey had some great moments with this group. Songs like “What Difference Does It Make?” (which he claims is one of his least favorites, yet has an amazing Guitar/Bass collaboration) are a good example of great musicianship with mediocre voice/lyrics. I’m really happy to know these guys have remained friends, please form another band – I’d gladly pay for my advance copy!

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