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Peter Murphy eyeing early 2014 release for new Youth-produced album ‘Lion’

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy may be out on the road celebrating 35 years of Bauhaus with sets filled entirely by music performed by his old band, but he’s looking forward as well as he works on the follow-up to his 2011 album Ninth, a new record called Lion that’s being produced by Killing Joke bassist Youth and is expected to arrive sometime in early 2014.

Murphy this week told Billboard that the album sessions began after he got together with Youth — who also is set to work on the new Echo & The Bunnymen album — “just to see how it went.” He says: “We did it ourselves, just like a week to see what would go over, and basically we did the album in four and a half days. It was like dropping off the edge of a cliff and no turning back, and it was really exciting.”

As for the sound of Lion, Murphy tells Billboard:

“(It’s) a mixture of stuff, almost like operas for the dispossessed. It’s very romantic and very deep and emotional, quite symphonic in places, but then becomes, like, a rabble-rousing pirate sea shanty. It’s a mixture of ‘The White Album,’ which goes into ‘Helter Skelter,’ and kind of ‘I Am the Walrus’ type of arrangement stuff. It’s a lot — kind of like, ‘Who is that person? How can he imagine he can do all that?’ I just think I’m out of place, really. I’m like (David) Bowie, Iggy (Pop), Frank Sinatra, Elvis (Presley) all rolled into one, and it’s kind of like, ‘What planet did he come from?'”

The singer is expecting to reconvene with Youth for “a second round” of recording by this fall. According to fan accounts, Murphy has been playing some of the rough mixes of the Lion songs over the PA before his performances on the current Mr. Moonlight Tour. One attendee described the new music as having “more electronic elements” than the relatively straightforward rock sounds of Ninth.

Murphy — who still faces DUI and meth charges in Southern California — has just wrapped the first U.S. leg of his all-Bauhaus tour, and is now in Europe. He’ll return to to the U.S. for a second leg in July.

See full dates below.


Peter Murphy’s Mr. Moonlight Tour: Celebrating 35 Years of Bauhaus:

May 24: Komplex Klub, Zurich, CH
May 26: Orion, Rome, IT
May 27: Magazzini Generali, Milan, IT
May 29: Sala Arena, Madrid, ES
May 30: Coliseum, Lisbon, PT
June 1: Bikini Barcelona, Barcelona, ES
June 3: AB, Brussels, BE
June 5: Trabendo, Paris, FR
June 6: Effenaar, Eindhoven, NL
June 7: Knust, Hamburg, DE
June 8: Loppen, Copenhagen, DK
June 10: Debaser Medis, Stockholm, SE
June 12: Tayastia, Helsinki, FI
June 14: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK
June 15: Oran Mor, Glasgow, UK
June 16: Zombie Hut, Corby, UK
June 17: Academy 2, Birmingham, UK
June 18: Academy, Bristol, UK
June 19: Islington Academy, London, UK

July 13: Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ
July 14: Tricky Falls, El Paso, TX
July 16: Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO
July 17: Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
July 18: Visual Arts Collective, Garden City, ID
July 19: Showbox Theatre, Seattle, WA
July 20: TBA, Vancouver, BC
July 21: Hawthorne Theatre, Portland, OR
July 23: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
July 24: Las Vegas Country Saloon, Las Vegas, NV
July 27: Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
July 28: Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA






  1. Flying Monkey

    “Lion”?! Must be a concept album about a 21st Century Cowardly Lion. The first song is about him fleeing a car accident…

  2. nitzanpincu

    why are the tour dates for israel missing?

  3. really, peter, you are bowie and sinatra and elvis and iggy all rolled up into one? anyone else? marley? madonna? too bad this ego couldnt be facelifted and photoshopped, too.

    • More like Mike Love, Don Henley, Phil Collins, and Axl Rose all rolled into one. A combination of rock’s evil ones.

      • LOL@Andy! I’m surprised he didn’t also compare himself to Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, and Billie Holiday …
        “What planet did he come from?” :)

        • Cheers, Devotee. I hear ya. How about Planet of the Insane? But maybe he realizes this time that if he’s gonna talk the talk, then he’s gotta walk the walk. Meaning on the next tour he’s gonna surprise us with some Elvis karate suits and fearless Iggy-like stage diving!

          Actually, I’m hoping Snoop Lion and Murph Lion will one day cross paths in LA. Out with the meth, and in with the chronic! Might mellow Pete out a bit, meaning fewer outrageous comments like the Elvis, etc. ones. Might get some amazing collaborations out of it, too. A “Deep Ocean Vast Sea”/”Deep Cover” mashup with Dre helming the boards would be AWESOME! “And ya don’t stop…”!!!

  4. It’s good to see He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named get into music and quit hanging out with those Death Eaters.

  5. …but that was just the meth talking

  6. I’m going to stop the venting and bashing, even though it’s hard not to when you read “The White Album” and Elvis comparisons–it’s like, right back at ya, Peter. But I am going to cool off because, Peter, we know that you or someone in your camp reads this stuff–the proof is on your current tour’s “Hello, Pensacola!” T-shirts!

    Man, don’t you see how this is like a totally messy breakup between you and so many of your (once) loyal fans?! Kick us out of bed, break our hearts, and wear out our mirrors! Isn’t NOT wanting to lose current and/or longtime fans, including so many other Eyeballers like me who are now straddling the fence, a give-in for most any artist? The words “dwindling fan base” must sting. So, man, I truly hope you do it right next tour.

    The teaming of you and Youth is exciting. And obviously you’re already buzzing (“roaring,” I guess) about “Lion.” Next year is also the 25th anniversary of “Deep.” Am guessing (hoping!) you have plans to do a tour connected with that, too. So lots on the horizon, and so many other great SOLO songs of yours that you either no longer perform or perform sporadically, BUT those (including ones from “Deep” of course) are what so many of us want to hear! Man, if you started doing shows of SOLO stuff that included at least 20 songs (not 14!), more people would be coming back to see you. A set that’s a combination of the best of “Lion” and “Ninth” but way WAY heavier on the “classics” isn’t that tall of an order, right? And how about doing the meet and greets before your set–other artists do that. Then everyone gets more of the tunes, and the show doesn’t feel like a “quick paycheck,” as the most recent solo shows did for many of us. And for those fans who do the meet and greets, why not offer some sort of VIP package where a little more dinero would get that lucky fan their own song request? Maybe something like “Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It,” wouldn’t be a staple in the next tour’s set lists, but if it were available as a fan selection, then I’d sign up for that. Again, you could get creative in ways that would benefit you a little more financially and would be giving back to the fans, too. I’m all for artistic freedom, but at the same time there are obvious risks (good-bye, fan base!) and limitations (good-bye, money!). So then you’ve got to decide if you’re going to start giving the people what they really want, which seems like a no-brainer if, financially, it does more than just keep you afloat.

    So until the next album and tour, stay healthy, best of luck with the trial, and here’s to a career year in 2014!

    aka PM Dawn

  7. Desmond 22

    Whoah AndyP! We all now that Blind Sublime would be that fan request song that MUST be played at all costs. Hopefully Lion, the fans, and the judge will get Pedro’s head on straight. Redemption right around the corner??

    • Redemption, indeed. We used to think of Peter…uh, I mean a male lion…as the majestic “King of Beasts,” but now he’s got more of a reputation as being a total lazy ass. Peter’s gonna fix all of that–and then some. “2014…the Year of the Lion!!!”

      One major concern, though: the new album artwork. If the jacket for “The Secret Bees of Ninth” is anything to go by, the “Lion” cover could be absolutely (but unintentionally) hysterical! I’m picturing a full-maned Peter Murphy looking like he just failed a “Cats” audition. Say it isn’t so, Peter!

  8. KillingJoke

    Well Ziggy came from Mars, and the rest of the gang came from Planet Earth. You, on the other hand, are from Planet Uranus.

  9. Pasha Insider

    AndyP, you are hilariously honest and funny. Let’s have coffee.

    We didn’t get to hear a sneak peek of “Lion” at our show, but I’m hoping it will be good. As for his comparisons to The White Album, Elvis, etc…I just want to hear a new PM record that sounds like PM! (with a touch of Neil Diamond thrown in, of course.)

    AndyP, I do have a question, can you please clarify? Confused as to why you think someone from Peter’s camp reads this re: the misprinted Pensacola shirt. Maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee yet, but I’m confused…unless they pulled the shirts and reprinted them, I’m not sure what the connection is.

    Totally with you on the meet and greet/VIP issue. I’ve seen YouTube clips of him backstage, doing sing-a-longs with fans. That would be so much fun! Who wouldn’t love that?

    As for my song requests…Mirror To My Woman’s Mind, Mercy Rain, Cool Cool Breeze (such a crowd please!) Crystal Wrists…I could go on. Don’t forget Fishcakes! *wink*

    By the way, does anyone actually know what happens at Miracula? If i buy him for $4000 (plus airfare) do I get to love him and kiss him and squeeze him and call him George?

    Or do I just get another misprinted T-shirt?

    Somebody please answer, I’m raking for coins with a metal detector to save for the next Miracula.

  10. Sounds good, Pasha Insider. Coffee before the show and then drinks afterwards to toast “THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN”!

    And, yeah, PM has to read ALL of this stuff. Matt Sebastian has been great about reporting all PM news. And you can see that Eyeballers respond–whether it’s love, hate, confusion, or a combination of the three, there is a lot of interest. Plus Matt interviewed him in 2011 (see the 11/1/11 entry). Of course Matt now hosts Dark Wave, where PM and Bauhaus tunes are pretty much weekly staples, and PM was once a guest host for the show. So obviously PM is well aware of this site. And, as you’ve probably read, other Eyeballers have sensed (“smelled”!) that someone in PM’s camp is likely amongst us trying to “Kill the Hate.” I’ll let someone else expand on that, but hats off to Matt for letting posts of all kinds appear.

    So those T-shirts only seem to confirm all of this. The Pensacola line took on a life of its own with the Spinal Tap comparisons and other jokes here at SUE. As many Eyeballers have noted, PM does have a sense of humor. So combine that humor with his obvious need for some more flow, as you and so many others have mentioned, and I’m sure he and his crew felt like this was something they could use as a little moneymaker. I could be totally wrong about the shirt, but feel certain he’s clued in on everything here. Regarding the typo on the shirt, again, lame and careless, but that kind of mildly sums up so much of what has taken place since this tour’s beginnings.

    As for requesting “Mirror to My Woman’s Mind,” heck yeah! How about that as the show opener?! Hearing those first chords would have people going, “Yes, we have achieved liftoff–and it’s just the first song!!!” Would love to hear a reworked “Sails Wave Goodbye,” too. The original has such a great vocal, but those flatulent Casio notes that sounded dated in ’95 are beyond cringeworthy now.

    Regarding Miracula, can’t help you there. But Joe Ciaglia, the creator of the sessions, has posted before (1/13/12 and 3/5/13), so hopefully he might respond.

    • Pasha Insider

      Hi again, AndyP.

      First and foremost, thank you for the info. (complete with dates, you rule!)

      I apologize for the Pensacola/Pensecola thing. I was thinking: Did they come up with a “Hello, Pensacola!” T-shirt? Is he opening all of the shows saying that now? So that’s where I was confused. Appreciate the clarification. (By the way, if anyone wants to make one, I’ll buy it.)

      I am admittedly a little lost on the PM Camp/Goon Squad/monitoring of posts here, but I don’t want to overstep. I am new here (and honestly?) I stay out of topics like this, but I just can’t resist. So if there is any way I can be filled in (oh my, that sounds dirty) please let me know. Names are not desired, required, or necessary. I simply want to be informed. And thank you to Matt for fixing whatever it was that was not getting posted here. Still lost.

      I am aware, however, of the “Peter Murphy Appreciation Community”, and from what I DO know, it’s run by a fan. And heck no, it’s not me. I think it’s lovely that this person cares for him so DEEPly, but again, unless I am mistaken, PM has nothing to do with it, nor the page owner. (I mean, on Facebook, at least.) If you are on Facebook and recall when Peter had his own (not music, but personal) page, he was not a member of it. It’s not necessary to name names (really not my style) but it is more than obvious who runs it. Who am I to judge, right? If it makes this person happy, why not. I guess. I dunno. Maybe I am wrong.

      I am familiar with Joe Ciaglia, have read the testimonials, and I do not doubt for a second that it wasn’t decadent and an experience of a lifetime. However, testimonials from the creator and PM loons with loads of money to burn do not convince me 100%. And nobody had said a word. Kind of like reading a review on Yelp or something…some people are paid to post a positive or negative review. It’s very difficult to figure out what is b.s. and what is genuine these days.

      “What happens at Miracula stays at Miracula.”

      I mean, it was Vegas, after all. My guess (and yes, this is only a guess) is that perhaps attendees had to sign a waver of confidentiality. I mean, $4000 is an insane amount of money. I want to know what REALLY happens after the lights go out. Don’t make me say it!

      I am a fan of Recall. Would love to hear Big Love of a Tiny Fool.
      And Sweet Caroline. He could so nail that one. *giggles*

      Looks like the European shows are going well, AND they are getting solo tracks. Lucky, lucky, lucky. Of course, I have not seen any comments from fans outside the US or Canada here on SUE.

      Their feedback here would be appreciated, and I think it would help us see how the second leg of the US tour could possibly go.

      Lastly…what happened to his court date scheduled for May 17th? That day came and went, and again, not a word.

      This post (and many other posts here) are not to hurt him, bash him, or anything else negative. We miss our “regular” PM, and we want him back. And…I want him to be well. Don’t we all?

      • Absolutely. You have to get the real scoop from the attendees. But you’re probably right about them having to sign something ahead of time. Because the last thing PM would want is any more negative publicity–comments like, “Peter was habitually late to all scheduled events,” “he started hurling insults at a guy who muttered ‘ripoff,'” “the rumored orgy never materialized because most everyone went to bed early–including Peter,” etc.

        In all seriousness, if another session is ever scheduled and you’re working hard to save up for it, I truly hope you (and others) get some genuine facts–and positive ones, of course–from those who were at the first one. You’re obviously an incredibly passionate and loyal fan–who is also candid, concerned, and able to poke a little fun at an artist you care so DEEPly about. In other words, a REAL fan who deserves to hear the real story.

    • Well done, Matthew. Great questions and you certainly got some answers. Did he say anything about the trial or was that totally off limits? Also very interesting to read his take on the recent shows compared to the various reviews from different Eyeballers. Am curious about how easy/difficult it was to get an interview with Peter–was he pretty accessible? Again, very cool that you could talk with him, and thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

      • Thanks for the compliments, greatly appreciated.

        I wasn’t told of anything was off limits, I’m someone who doesn’t really like talking about musicians private lives when interviewing them. Generally I don’t want to risk pissing them off.

        As for how easy it was to get an interview, it was persistence i suppose and the fact he has a tour to promote.

        • Cheers, Matthew. Hope you talk to him again during the “Deep 25th Anniversary World Tour”! (Fingers crossed!)

  11. Peter'sPants

    I have seen P.M. at four shows since 2011 and 2012 (two a year). Now each time P.M. had on the same pants that he is wearing now on this tour. They have leather going down the outer side of the left-hand and right-hand sides. Of course he changes and mixes up his shirts, jackets, etc., but unless he has multiple pairs of these pants and the endless sweaty, crotch-rubbing he does to the male boys up front, I can only imagine that those pants smell very g-narly by now. I’ve been watching the pictures from the overseas tour going on right now and he is still sporting the same pants. In Santa Cruz he, P.M., was sopping wet and sweaty all-over and he took this guy’s head and gave him an official P.M. crotch shot and the poor guy’s hair afterwards was all wet and he looked rather petrified. Someone close to P.M.’s camp revealed that he is bi, but I guess that is not a big secret (or is it?). I don’t know and don’t really care, I just want my ole P.M. back from the days of LOVE HYSTERIA, HOLY SMOKE, DEEP … I can definitely do w/o the obligatory ‘Cuts You Up’ from his encore list each tour (thank you very much and replace it with any one of his fascinating songs he has in his arsenal).

    • Sounds like a pair of Rock ‘n’ Roll Toughskins! If only those pants could talk…

      Send a shout-out to FrankBooth for me, Peter’sPants. Cheers! :)

  12. Frank Booth

    Hey Andy P – Long time no talk to. I was trying to get some messages to you during the wacky last round of fun that we were all having, but for whatever reason no comments were being taken. Not sure if the server shut the system down for a while till things cooled off – but it was really cool sharing our stories and I am glad I finally got to hear from you. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to catch up with each other at a future P.M. show in Northern California. Not this tour, of course, no thank you; we know how we feel about this (even though the overseas fans don’t get it, but we do). Perhaps that is because he toured the shit out of our state for the past two years. Looking forward to LION and seeing what it has to bring. Please be like the old P.M. that we ALL want to hear and re-live our youth to. Take care buddy – F.B.

    • Hey, man! Your “…till things cooled off…” bit had me rolling! :0 Yeah, there were some fireworks over at the San Antonio story. The “This is fuckin’ Bauhaus!” comment totally set off a firestorm!!! Maybe some hardcore retaliation kind of slowed the conversation a bit. And, yes, would be very cool if our paths crossed at a NorCal show. Again, I can sense a “Deep” 25th Anniversary tour is already being discussed. Can’t imagine that getting lost in the shuffle, even if he tours like a madman behind “Lion” as he did for “Ninth.” But maybe he’ll also learn from the “Ninth” tour that less is sometimes more. I wonder how many people here passed on a show thinking they’d catch him the next time he came around–in, like, three months from then! Three of us went to the first “Ninth” show together, then two of us for his next visit, and if patterns hold true, well…hopefully they won’t. Hopefully a rebirth with “Lion,” “Deep”‘s big anniversary, and lessons learned from the whole quadruple M (Meth, Mr. Moonlight, Madness!!!) thing!

  13. Frank Booth

    BTW – Did you notice too about what I am getting at about the leather pants? Not sure exactly how many shows you caught him at, but damn he LOVES those pants! I guess it takes the stress out of what to wear every night. P.M. was always that way with every tour; he’d pick one favorite outfit and pretty much tour that tour with it the whole time with just an occasional mix-up towards the end. I am sure the laundry bag was getting a little smelly if you know what I mean?!?

    • I hear ya loud and clear. I thought they looked great at the Orangevale show. Then at the Sac show, I thought, those look very familiar. A CK thong was on display at that show, too, so maybe the owner had some “No Commandos Allowed!” rule!

      I was thinking the same thing as Pasha Insider–I bet (hope!) that he has several of the same outfits that he wears/rotates. I’ve often read about singers having, like, four of the same shirt for a tour. With leather pants, though, who knows! Hope he doesn’t slip out of them after a show, stand them up next to his bed, and then up and back into ’em at daybreak!

  14. Pasha Insider

    Matthew, great interview! Thanks for sharing! Needless to say, I’m very excited to read in your interview that he will be touring after January and solo material? Sigh. I’m pleased as punch!

    As for Peter’s pants, (the actual pants) yes, I’ve noticed it as well. I’m fairly certain he changes his shirt, because at our show, his blue shirt had a rip in the arm, and I’ve seen him wear it at shows after mine, and the rip was gone. Unless he has somebody who is sewing his clothes back together, he may have multiple shirts. As for the pants, I don’t know. Maybe he’s superstitious like a sports star, you know, who refuses to wash their “lucky socks” or the related until game season is over. Who knows. But since he goes commando…um…someone out here who has had their head slammed into his crotch may have the answer. So don’t be shy, front row people…did he pass the smell test?

    AndyP, hello again, friend. Wanted to thank you for your kind words. Yes, I poke fun, but I also tell the truth and say what I feel. And I just love his voice, and going to his solo shows is a great escape and diversion from the stresses of *real life*.

    I’m just a fan, a semi-sane one at that. I don’t have any Peter/Bauhaus tattoos, I’m not going on the “Goth of Love” bus with him, nor do I need any used towels, cigarette butts, or a lock of his hair.

    *waits for it*

    That’s what Duran Duran lunatics do. :-)

    • Hey, you! Any word on Miracula? Hope so!

      Go easy on the Duranies. I just defended “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” elsewhere at SUE! (Not a great album, but once dear to me…)

      Have you seen the Duran Duran “Something You Should Know” documentary?! One fan does keep Andy Taylor’s half-eaten hot dog or something in her (mom’s) freezer! I cringed at that scene and can’t relate to those extremes, but that love for a band, singer, etc. can be like no other.

      And your Neil Diamond comments are very apt! Not just with the voice, but did you see the uncanny resemblance in the fifth photo from Rolling Stone Italy?!

      “Peter, I am your father!”!!!

      • Pasha Insider

        AndyP, I just spit out my coffee laughing at the picture of Peter Diamond! That was hilarious. I’m not quite sure where the Neil Diamond/Peter similarities came from, but since I was pretty much raised on Neil Diamond as a teeny kid, it’s a not a bad thing at all. If you want to hear *the* note that made me discover the similarities, pop on Alive Just For Love, forward to “Gliding Like A Whale” (by the way, I love that song, but I have no idea what it means…whales stay in hotels? Explain if you know) and listen to PM sing “like a whale!” right before he says thank you. It’s the very end of the song. This has become my “go to” song if I’m in any type of bad mood, I just hear that note, laugh, and smile.

        I’m giving up on the idea of Miracula for now. But never say never, said Romeo Void.

        AndyP, I love Duran Duran. I do! And yes, I have seen the documentary. The fan you are referring to is the lovely Ms. Eileen Ikuta, Duran superfan extremist. If you have ever seen a California show, you’ve seen her. I did wonder why she kept the half eaten hot dog in her mom’s freezer rather than her own. Durandy (Andy Golub) is one hell of an archivist and his collection is beyond amazing. Not too long ago, he proposed to his long time girlfriend backstage at a Duran show with the help of the band. It was super cool. Now they are married and I hope they have loads of babies.

        I love Duran. Been a fan forever and no doubt I am a Duranie. Maybe I’m a bit of a judgemental one. I went through my obsessive phase(s), cried when SLB got married, etc. But here’s the thing: I was age 12.

        I read somewhere (can’t remember where, some kind of top ten geek list) that listed very overzealous fandoms- I know Star Wars, Trekkies, and Duranies all made the list.

        Duranies can be extremists, bitchy, and delusional. Very delusional. Thirty years later, many still think that a member is going to fall in love with them, leave their wife, and marry them. One of my dear friends in California is 46 years old, and sends photos of her legs and boobs to Nick Rhodes all the time. She truly believes he will fall in love with her one day. And she has a Master’s Degree from Vandy and is one smart cookie. Honestly, I can’t think of another band that has such a dedicated following.

        AndyP, defending 7ATRT? (Yes, you know you are a Duranie when you use abreviations for all their albums/song titles) Do tell! I’m not a fan of that album, it’s tinny, dated, and overproduced to me, with the acception of The Seventh Stranger. What a pretty song. We can talk Duran anytime.

        Are you familiar with the Duran song Be My Icon? Talk about poking fun at their own fan base. The lyrics say it all:

        ” I’ll follow you I’ll wait for you.
        You know there’s no escape from me.
        You’re more than wallpaper in my room.
        I write you letters and bring you gifts.
        I’m going through all your trash.
        I love you so much I keep your cigarette butts.

        Now is the time to come out, come out of the shadows.
        No need to be scared.
        You’re gonna be so happy.
        I built you a shrine.
        Now you can be my icon.
        I’m out on the edge.
        There’s no way back inside.
        All my friends are gone.
        They didn’t understand me
        It makes so much sense
        It’s no coincidence
        Just you and I alone here
        And I need you
        How many hours have I stared at my face in the mirror?
        I get worried sometimes that the image will shatter

        No need to be scared.
        You’re gonna be so happy.
        I built you a shrine
        Now you can be my icon.
        I know this is real.
        Believe it.
        We belong together.
        Whatever happens, you’re gonna be with me.

        So you see, hot dog freezer girl/lighter thief/used Kleenex Ms. Ikuta has her very own “stay the hell away from me song.” And I’m sure she just loves it.

        Must be scary to be a rock star.
        Everyone wants a Piece of You
        (Ah, finally, back to Peter references.)


        • Hey, Pasha Insider. Small world! Or do I mean, small “(Extra)Ordinary World”?! Christine, Andy’s wife, was my first eBay buyer. I listed a John Taylor Japanese 3″ CD and Christine pounced like lightning! I later got a nice email from Durandy himself asking about the D2 posters I had, but sadly–though expectedly–I didn’t have anything that he didn’t already have! It’s so cool they are married now and really seemed like the perfect way and place to propose, huh. So, yeah, seeing them together was one of the biggest highlights in the documentary for me.

          I actually didn’t defend “7&TRT” (poor wording from me earlier); I defended why it was one of my picks for ’83. Look for the longest entry (no surprise there!) near the end of the comments. And like you, I gave “The Seventh Stranger” some love. :)

          Didn’t know “Be My Icon”–thanks! That is the PERFECT song for Ms. Ikuta! And almost seems like it could be part of a trilogy with Mark Ronson and Simon’s “Record Collection”–but am not sure what that missing song would be, though you might! My mad love for the guys started to wane around “Wild Boys,” but have followed them fairly closely since then, buying some of the albums and seeing them live. And they are always great to read about, especially the autobiographies!

          Man, best of luck to your friend chasing Nick! I don’t know what his…uh, agenda is. So many friends and relatives of mine loved Nick the most back in the day. And you gotta love and/or admire him for being the one who has never stopped waving the Duran flag! I just have difficulty listening to him in interviews–close your eyes and he sometimes sounds like he’s about 80 years old!

          Gotta connect this all to Peter, so have to say that shortly after I read your last post, “Indigo Eyes” came on shuffle followed by…Duran Duran’s “Mediterrania”! A very cool one-two combo.

          And no idea what “Gliding Like a Whale” is about. Glad you like it, but I don’t think I’ve gone near it since he closed his ’95 San Francisco show with it. There were at least six “classic” contenders he could have chosen instead, so I left the show slightly shocked. Still, must be (have been) a special one to him and sounds like it is for you, too.

          And funny that Duran Duran has come into all of this, because a few months ago I was thinking that, besides Peter, they are about the only other favorite SUE-approved act that I can joke about regularly. Unlike Peter, though, they don’t make me cranky and inclined to write rambling posts about how they are letting down fans, losing the plot, etc.! I’ll leave any D2 venting to others… And should also stop with this rambler. This reply was for you, so hope any other readers bailed knowing it would be dull reading for most! :)

  15. Pasha Insider

    Western US dates in a few days…I hope you all get great shows!
    If not, let the complaining continue!
    Hi AndyP!

  16. Pasha Insider

    And AndyP: it is an (extra)ordinary world!
    Out of print, I don’t have that one.
    I don’t have Composition either.
    I NEED that! (Mr. Murphy, if you are out there, send me one! Thanks!)

    Andy, Mediterranea is a lovely tune. Best guitar Dom Brown has done yet.

    Had another question for you. Just curious if you decided to go to any upcoming shows. I didn’t think so, but I know I would, specifically to see if he has made any changes for this leg. But needless to say, I’m not traveling for it. Wah. I’ve always wanted to go to SLC. And Idaho? Bless this man for touring where few dare to.

    No, seriously! He really goes to less-traveled cities, and it is admirable.

    Oh. Just went on eBay and I missed a copy of Composition for sale-$54.99.
    By like an hour or two.

    Freaking really? Somebody hold me while I weep!

    Okay. Tantrum over. I’m really looking forward to the future rants and raves re: the second US leg. Hopefully in a week or two, this post will blow up again!

    • The lovely, but slightly elusive Pasha Insider, high priestess of SUE! Glad you’re back. :) Sorry to hear about missing out on “Composition,” though. But hopefully all of those songs and more will be included in a PM Beggars box set in the near future. Funny that I scored a Japanese edition of DD’s “Nite Romantics” 12″ that same day at eBay for $4.99. (What’s with all these PM-DD connections?!) Will actually be in Japan next week, so that means no PM CA shows for me. But wouldn’t go anyway. New venue and set, but not ready to see too much of the same ol’ same ol’, like all those tarmac-worker hand signals! Who needs “mic check, one two, one two” when you can make total theater out of your interactions with the sound dudes!

      Still, high hopes for “Lion” and a “Deep” anniversary tour.

      And, yes, it is inevitable that things are going to start lighting up here once those West dates are underway! Already anticipating some Pocatello, Idaho/Pensacola madness!!! :0

      p.s. I used to have “Extraordinary World” on VHS, and it was pretty good. Hopefully it’ll be included in a “Wedding Album” 20th Anniversary Box Set–just in time for the ’13 holidays!!! :)

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