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The Fall, Icicle Works, Buffalo Tom to receive next ‘5 Albums’ box sets from Beggars

Mark E. Smith of The Fall

The second round of 5 Albums box sets from Beggars Archive — promoted as “the last chance to present (these) albums as physical releases in the foreseeable future” — will collect full albums, live recordings and assorted bonus tracks from The Fall, The Icicle Works and Buffalo Tom, and should be out by July, according to the reissue label.

The 5 Albums series launched last month with the release, in the U.K., of new five-disc sets from Love and Rockets, Gary Numan and Natacha Atlas, and also will include, later this year, collections of material from Bauhaus, The Charlatans, Gene Loves Jezebel and Fields of the Nephilim.

A firm release date hasn’t been announced for sets from The Fall, Icicle Works and Buffalo Tom, but the Beggars Archive blog notes they’re being targeted for a July release.

The sets include:

  • The Fall: The collection of releases from Mark E. Smith and Co. focuses on the late ’80s, including The Frenz Experiment and I Am Kurious Oranj, both released in 1988 and each presented in their original vinyl track sequences and expanded with a total of 11 bonus tracks, plus a disc full of mixes of 1987 single “Hit the North,” a new compilation entitled Singles 1987-1988 and the 1989 hybrid live/studio album Seminal Live.
  • The Icicle Works: The 5 Albums set features the band’s first four, Beggars Banquet-released albums — The Icicle Works (1984), The Small Price of a Bicycle (1985), If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy, Sing His Song (1987) and Blind (1988 )— each expanded with bonus tracks (more than 30 in total), plus a live set recorded in 1986 (minus the two encore songs, since they didn’t fit on the CD).
  • Buffalo Tom: The new Beggars set features the band’s second through sixths albums — Birdbrain (1990), Let Me Come Over (1992), Big Red Letter Day (1993), Sleepy Eyed (1995) and Smitten (1988) — with no extra material aside from the three bonus tracks that already appeared on the CD versions of Birdbrain and Let Me Come Over.

See full tracklists below:



The FAll

Tracklist: The Fall, 5 Albums

CD 1: The Frenz Experiment
1. “Frenz”
2. “Carry Bag Man”
3. “Get A Hotel”
4. “Victoria”
5. “Athlete Cured”
6. “In These Times”
7. “The Steak Place”
8. “Bremen Nacht
9. “Guest Informant” (Excerpt)
10. “Oswald Defence Lawyer”
Bonus Tracks
11. “Bremen Nacht Run Out”
12. “Mark’ll Sink Us”

CD 2: I Am Kurious Oranj
1. “New Big Prinz”
2. “Overture From ‘I Am Curious Orange’”
3. “Dog Is Life / Jerusalem”
4. “Kurious Oranj”
5. “Wrong Place / Right Time”
6. “C.D. Win Fall 2088 AD”
7. “Yes, O Yes”
8. “Van Plague?”
9. “Bad News Girl”
10. “Cab It Up!”
11. “Last Nacht” (Edit)
Bonus Tracks
12. “Dog Is Life / Jerusalem” (Vinyl Version)
13. “Wrong Place, Right Time” (Vinyl Version)
14. “Guide Me Soft”
15. “Win Fall C.D. 2080” (Vinyl Version)
16. “Yes, O Yes” (Vinyl Version)
17. “Last Nacht”
18. “Big New Priest”

CD 3: Hit the North (Parts 1-6)
1. “Hit The North (Part 1)”
2. “Hit The North (Part 2)”
3. “Hit The North (Part 3)”
4. “Hit The North (Part 4)”
5. “Hit The North (Part 5)”
6. “Hit The North (Part 6)”
7. “Hit The North (Instrumental)”

CD 4: Singles 1987-1989
1. “There’s A Ghost In My House”
2. “Haf Found Boorman”
3. “Sleep Debt Snatches”
4. “Mark’ll Sink Us”
5. “Australians In Europe”
6. “Northerns In Europ”
7. “Tuff Life Booogie”
8. “Twister”
9. “Bremen Nacht Alternative”
10. “I African Mancunian”
11. “Guest Informant”
12. “Cab It Up!” (Single Version)
13. “Jerusalem”
14. “Acid Priest 2088”

CD 5: Seminal Live
1. “Dead Beat Descendant”
2. “Pinball Machine”
3. “H.O.W.”
4. “Squid Law”
5. “Mollusc In Tyrol”
6. “Kurious Oranj” (Live)
7. “Frenz” (Live)
8. “Hit The North” (Live)
9. “2 By 4” (Live)
10. “Elf Prefix / L.A.” (Live)
11. “Victoria” (Live)
12. “Pay Your Rates” (Live)
13. “Introduction / Cruiser’s Creek” (Live)
14. “In These Times” (Live)


The Icicle Works, '5 Albums'

Tracklist: The Icicle Works, 5 Albums

CD 1: The Icicle Works
1. “Chop The Tree”
2. “Love Is A Wonderful Colour”
3. “Reaping The Rich Harvest”
4. “As The Dragonfly Flies”
5. “Lovers Day”
6. “In The Cauldron Of Love”
7. “Out Of Season”
8. “A Factory in The Desert”
9. “Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)”
10. “Nirvana”
Bonus Tracks
11. “Love Hunt” (84 Version)
12. “Reverie Girl”
13. “Gun Boys”
14. “In The Dance The Shaman Led”
15. “Waterline” (UK Version)
16. “The Devil On Horseback”
17. “Ragweed Campaign”
18. “Scarecrow”
19. “The Atheist”

CD 2: The Small Price of a Bicycle
1. “Hollow Horse”
2. “Perambulator”
3. “Seven Horses”
4. “Rapids”
5. “Windfall”
6. “Assumed Sundown”
7. “Saint’s Sojourn”
8. “All The Daughters”
9. “Book Of Reason”
10. “Conscience Of Kings”
Bonus Tracks
11. “Goin’ Back”
12. “Beggars Legacy”
13. “Let’s Go Down To The River”
14. “Mission Bells”
15. “Mr. Soul”
16. “A Pocketful Of Nothing”
17. “Slingshot”
18. “When It All Comes Down” (Full Version)

CD 3: If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy, Sing His Song
1. “Hope Springs Eternal”
2. “Travelling Chest”
3. “Sweet Thursday”
4. “Up Here In The North Of England”
5. “Who Do You Want For Your Love?”
6. “When You Were Mine”
7. “Evangeline”
8. “Truck Driver’s Lament”
9. “Understanding Jane”
10. “Walking With A Mountain”
Bonus Tracks
11. “Don’t Let It Rain On My Parade” (Single Version)
12. “Everybody Loves To Play The Fool”
13. “I Never Saw My Hometown”
14. “Into The Mystic”
15. “It Makes No Difference”
16. “Sea Song”
17. “Nature’s Way”
18. “Impossibly Three Lovers”

CD 4: Blind
1. “Intro”
2. “Shit Creek”
3. “High Time”
4. “Little Girl Lost”
5. “Starry Blue Eyed Wonder”
6. “One True Love”
7. “Blind”
8. “Two Two Three”
9. “What Do You Want Me To Do?”
10. “Stood Before St. Peter”
11. “The Kiss Off”
12. “Here Comes Trouble”
13. “Walk A While With Me”
Bonus Tracks
14. “Firepower”
15. “Solid Ground”
16. “Like Weather”
17. “Sure Thing”
18. “Hot Profit Gospel”
19. “Whipping Boy”
20. “Tin Can”

CD 5: Live at the Town and Country Club 1986
1. “Hollow Horse”
2. “Perambulator”
3. “Who Do You Want For Your Love?”
4. “Understanding Jane”
5. “Love Is A Wonderful Colour”
6. “Rapids”
7. “Travelling Chest”
8. “Seven Horses”
9. “Sweet Thursday”
10. “Starry Blue-Eyed Wonder”
11. “Into The Mystic”
12. “Hope Springs Eternal”
13. “When It All Comes Down”
14. “All The Daughters”
15. “Birds Fly”


Buffalo Tom, '5 Albums'

Tracklist: Buffalo Tom, 5 Albums

CD 1: Birdbrain
1. “Birdbrain”
2. “Skeleton Key”
3. “Caress”
4. “Guy Who Is Me”
5. “Enemy”
6. “Crawl”
7. “Fortune Teller”
8. “Baby”
9. “Directive”
10. “Bleeding Heart”
Bonus Tracks
11. “Heaven” (Live Acoustic)
12. “Reason Why” (Live Acoustic)

CD 2: Let Me Come Over
1. “Staples”
2. “Taillights Fade”
3. “Mountains Of Your Head”
4. “Mineral”
5. “Darl”
6. “Larry”
7. “Velvet Roof”
8. “I’m Not There”
9. “Stymied”
10. “Porchlight”
11. “Frozen Lake”
12. “Saving Grace”
Bonus Track
13. “Crutch”

CD 3: Big Red Letter Day
1. “Sodajerk”
2. “I’m Allowed”
3. “Tree House”
4. “Would Not Be Denied”
5. “Latest Monkey”
6. “My Responsibility”
7. “Dry Land”
8. “Torch Singer”
9. “Late At Night”
10. “Suppose”
11. “Anything That Way”

CD 4: Sleepy Eyed
1. “Tangerine”
2. “Summer”
3. “Kitchen Door”
4. “Rules”
5. “It’s You”
6. “When You Discover”
7. “Sunday Night”
8. “Your Stripes”
9. “Sparklers”
10. “Clobbered”
11. “Sundress”
12. “Twenty Points (The Ballad Of Sexual Dependency)”
13. “Souvenir”
14. “Crueler”

CD 5: Smitten
1. “Rachael”
2. “Postcard”
3. “Knot In It”
4. “The Bible”
5. “Scottish Windows”
6. “White Paint Morning”
7. “Wiser”
8. “See To Me”
9. “Register Side”
10. “Do You In”
11. “Under Milkwood”
12. “Walking Wounded”






  1. Am really excited about these Beggars Archives sets, hoping future releases will include some really hard-to-find music. Just kind of bummed about how the look. Looks like very little thought went into the photos and “artwork,” giving them a budget compilation look. Again, it’s the music that counts, but you’d expect a little more of Beggars, especially if they’re hyping these as the last chance to own these physical releases.

    • They may be bare-bones, but I’m happy they’re doing them at all because not long ago they were sounding as if they’d never do CD reissues again. I get the impression that the elaborate Omnibus sets haven’t done as well as they hoped, and the Sony warehouse fire + perhaps the problems with the This Mortal Coil collection further seem to have soured them on CD reissues. I guess they’re trying to see if they can do better with mid-price collections.

      • Gotcha, Thefxc. Those latest photos are such turnoffs, but it’s what’s inside that counts. And seems like I am always after the remastered stuff, so am totally happy about that. The Cult’s “Love” was nicely done and sounded great, so am excited about what lies ahead. And I’ve been wanting the version of, ahem, Gene Love Jezebel’s “Vagabond,” that originally appeared on the “Motion of Love” 12″–and Cassingle! So will certainly pounce on that set if that version is included. Again, thanks for filling me in. Uncool boxes or not, great collections of tunes, for sure. Thanks, man.

        • Gene Loves Jezebel, that is. That other spelling came out like an adjective. Regardless, a guilty pleasure has been exposed! :0

          • Not even an adjective. Typo or whatever. Confession out and my language skills are shot! Cheers, Thefxc!

          • No prob AndyP. I’m looking forward to the GLJ as well, and if the L&R and Fall sets are any indications, Beggars are cleaning out their vaults for these, so hopefully ‘Vagabonds’ will make it…

  2. Weird that they’d devote a whole disc to “Hit the North” remixes (it’s a funny song, but jeez — seven versions of it, back to back?), rather than just backing up one album and starting the box set with “Bend Sinister,” or going one later with “Extricate.” Both were fine albums. Or better yet, backing up two albums and starting with “This Nation’s Saving Grace,” the very best record the Fall ever put out.

    That said, this set represents generally a very good period for the band, with Brix still in the fold. The “Frenz” and “Kurious Oranj” albums were a lot of fun.

    • There’s some suggestion on the Beggars Archive forum that they may be holding back Bend Sinister for an Omnibus release, the kind they did for Nation’s Saving Grace and Wonderful & Frightning World…

      Extricate wasn’t released on Beggars.

      • Ah yes, good memory! For “Extricate” they had jumped ship to Phonogram or something, I remember that now.

  3. After the brilliant box set treatmenst Beggars did for This Nation’s Saving Grace and The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall I was really hoping the same would be done for Kurious Oranj. Oh well, glad I already have these those, hate the packaging on these 5’er box sets. Totally understand why they are forced to do this now though.

  4. I bought the first 3 boxsets (Gary Numan, Natacha Atlas & Love And Rockets), all beautifully presented and sound great.
    Love this concept, it’s replacing all those ugly jewel cases on my shelf and takes up less space.
    Unfortunately I have no interest in these 3 sets though…
    Looking forward to the Bauhaus set, and hoping for some 4AD love and hopefully upcoming sets from: Lush, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Birthday Party, Peter Murphy, The Cult!

    • Good to know, 5D. Yes, bring on Lush and Peter Murphy sets! And if a release could coincide with a Lush reunion (Chris, RIP), that would be UNREAL! Tons of love out there for Miki & Emma!

      • Ha! Once again Andy, you and I seem to have the same CD collection –

        • Word up, lotus! Add “Spooky” to that list of great ’92 albums. I’ve been playing that, “Priest…,” “Automatic…,” and more ever since! I was lucky to see Lush in Tokyo in ’96 for what turned out to be their second-to-last-ever show. Miki had family in the crowd and “Sweetness and Light” ended a really great set. Chris was all smiles, with girls calling out his name throughout the show. So I never expected what came next… :(

          Yeah, Miki & Emma, Bilinda Butcher, and Toni Halliday–heavenly voices and the babes of shoegaze, one and all! :) (And extra special props to Liz, of course!)

          I’ve already talked about Peter way too much at this site, but would love to see a set of the first five albums, with lots of live stuff, “A Strange Kind of Love (Part 2),” etc. And then definitely a tour supporting the box set and sticking to THOSE SONGS!!!

          • You have the Flat7 albums yet? Ex-Cocteaus sideman Mitsuo Tate does all the playing, with Miki B. on some vocals. I only have the first album “Lost in Blue” but he released another this past December. I don’t know who the other vocalist is but it’s dreamy stuff, like if Liz Fraser had sung in Japanese.

      • Would love to see Lush reunite for a tour!!!
        Did you get the Seinking Ships album/CD that came out a couple of years ago, Miki sings on a few tracks!
        A Lush set would be great, 4 albums and a disc of all the b-sides :)

        • Hey, 5D. The Seinking Ships CD is on its way here now! Again, many thanks for filling me in. I’d thought Miki had basically retired from music, so it’s great to know that she has some post-Lush music out there, with hopefully more on the way.

          A Lush set would be LOADED with treats! B-sides, remixes, and more. Five CDs could probably just fit most everything perfectly if the 4 albums are loaded with extras. Was just going through my collection, and “Cookie,” “Topolino,” and CD 2 of the “Lovelife” Japanese release total about 20 B-sides and remixes. Then there are other gems like the acoustic version of “Olympia” (so great!), which would surely make the cut. And I’m dying to have Gil Norton’s mix of “Superblast!” plus Scott Litt’s remix of “When I Die.” Man, oh man, it could be something special!

          And, hey, do you know Whirr? I’ve been listening to “Distressor” lots lately. Sounds a lot like MBV and early Lush. Just kiddos, but they’ve done their homework, yet sound original. Great stuff.

    • Beggars/4AD need to get their Wolfgang Press stuff together. They were a 4AD staple for more than a decade, but I dont think any of their legacy acts have been as neglected as they.

  5. I know CURVE were on Anxious Records, but I would LOVE a box set of all their albums like these Beggars sets!

    • Amen, 5D! The original Garbage, but SO MUCH better. Have been playing Curve to death lately. Toni has one of the sexiest voices out there… Bring on the box set!

      Many thanks for the Seinking Ships heads-up, too. And, lotus, I’m definitely going to check out Flat 7. Having anything new by Miki is a very good thing. “Arigatou ne!”

  6. Hey, lotus! Tried to respond to you over at the ’84 comments, but no luck with everything filling up fast! And great to see all the love coming in for “Let It Be.” Still remember Spin calling them “The little band that could, but didn’t fuckin’ feel like it”! Well, maybe in this poll they will be the little band that pulled off a little upset, by not nailing the Top 3, but ending up at #1! Would LOVE it!!!

    Anyhow, tried searching for the Flat7 CD, but it looks like it’s long out of print. So will probably go the iTunes route, as you suggested. Listened to “Smile,” which was great. I’ll be in Japan next month, so was hoping HMV might have the disc, but it looks like they just have a 2012 release with no signs of Miki. Would love to hit the indie stores, but the kiddos will be with me, so pretty much impossible. So will go with your lead instead. Again, heaps of thanks for clueing me in. That was totally off my radar–a “Secret Oktober” of sorts. :)

    • Right on, bro. “Lost In Blue” is an excellent record! I wasn’t aware of it either until I did some swaps with another longtime 4AD fan a few years ago. It was like angels fell out of the sky into my lap.

      And with or without Miki, I’m going to save my pennies for an import copy of “Sweet Glow of Silence,” which seems to be available on eBay (easier than going to Japan) for about $30.


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