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Video: Depeche Mode, ‘A Concert for the Masses’ — rare footage from 1988’s ‘101’ concert

Depeche Mode at Rose Bowl

Tuesday marks the 25th anniversary of Depeche Mode’s iconic “Concert For the Masses,” a daylong show at the 100,000-seat Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., that also featured performances by Wire, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Thomas Dolby — and was, of course, filmed and recorded for the 101 live album and concert documentary.

To mark the milestone, Depeche Mode today debuted on its website an 18-minute reel of rare behind-the-scenes footage from the massive production compiled by webmaster Daniel Barassi. As you can see, it includes the announcement of the concert, interviews with band members, DM performance footage and clips from OMD’s and Dolby’s opening sets — and lots of KROQ’s Richard Blade.

Check it out:




A Concert For The Masses
June 18th, 1988

For the 101st show of the Music For The Masses Tour, the band played a special stadium show at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of KROQ FM (a long time supporter of the band), the all-day concert featured Wire, Thomas Dolby and O.M.D. as the opening acts.

The Depeche Mode portion of this legendary show was recorded, both audio (the “101” album) and video (the D.A. Pennebaker directed “101” documentary film).

Pulled from some very rare audio and video sources, we present a small look back at the day of June 18th, 1988.

“Good evening, Pasadena!”

Thanks to our friends at the DMTV Archives for letting us use some of their clips.

“101” (audio) is available from Amazon (UK & US) and iTunes (UK & US). “101” the film is available from Amazon (UK & US).






  1. Cool to see the last moments and last show of O.M.D. before they self destructed…and the documented first time ever of the traditional ‘arms flailing like stocks of wheat’ during “Never Let Me Down”. Would’ve loved to see a bit of Wire’s set.

  2. Anyone else ever wonder what happened to those fans in the film, the contest winners who made the pilgrimage to Pasadena with the band? They were a colorful lot. It would be fun to interview them now 25 years later, see what they’re doing and whether they even still listen to the band, and how they look back on their younger selves.

  3. They feature “current” interviews with two or three of them on the ‘101’ DVD, Lotus. They talk to the guy with the black hair who was dating the blonde girl and the guy who often wore hats and spilled the six pack in a convenience store. That might have been it.

    Oddly enough, it made me kind of sad that the dark haired guy broke up with that girl. I think I thought they grew old together.

  4. Money Mike

    I was hoping for 180gm reissue vinyl with a nice big book if pics. Oh well

  5. as I watched this it reminded me of the band I once loved that was out to prove to the world what a great band it was. They were young making some of the greatest music ever made. Many band wish they could be like Depeche Mode was at this time, even Depeche Mode wishes they could be the way they were back then.

  6. cocteaulady

    I never tire of watching 101, gives me the chills each time and makes me feel 13 again! I was too young to go to this but I remember listening on KROQ. Dave is such an amazing showman, I love his connection with the crowd and the emotion he always puts into each performance and the pleasure in his face when everyone sings along… What an amazing band and legacy!

  7. sillyboob

    My first ever concert. Halfway through I traded tickets with some friends and made my way around the Rose Bowl, walking through a food fight for the masses.

    Good evening Pasadena!

  8. That is the DM that I love to remember.

  9. I saw them in both San Francisco and Sacramento for that tour. Wonderfully fun times! Voice Farm opened up for them in SF and I think I remember Nitzer Ebb opening up for them along with OMD in Sacto.

  10. On that tour I saw them at Jones Beach and the Meadowlands. It was amazing. We are all getting older including the band but now I can take my 9 year old daughter to experience some of the best music ever. I love the past and being a teen in the 80’s but I try to also embrace the future and I am thankful that my favorite groups are still doing what they do best.

  11. Richard Blade introducing them! He still DJ’s at The New wave restaurant.

  12. blankfrank71

    I wish they’d release the whole live video. That show was so monumental, I’d love to see it again.

  13. Saw them in Sacramento at Cal Expo on this tour with OMD opening. Nitzer Ebb opened for them on the Violator tour. Spent the night in front of the Ticketmaster outlet to get ~20th row seats for the Shoreline in Mountain View. Great show. Wish they had filmed/released that tour.

  14. Matthew Thorne Dahl

    I was there really was not a big fan of Depeche Mode at the time did like them but was totally Blown Away by their performance and really tripped out by the food fight beforehand

  15. I was there! It is still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen live! But you know what made it real… all the actual fans! It was such a cool place to be surrounded by people who actually listened to Depeche Mode! You could hear people all around you singing in unison! It was special!!!

  16. Does anyone have food fight footage??

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