Video — June 28, 2013 at 5:30 am

Watch Nine Inch Nails’ David Lynch-directed, seizure-inducing ‘Came Back Haunted’ video

Nine Inch Nails 'Came Back Haunted'

Trent Reznor’s resurrected Nine Inch Nails this morning released the music video for comeback single “Came Back Haunted,” and not only is the clip directed by cinematic auteur David Lynch, it carries a warning that its strobe-like effects may cause seizures among viewers with epilepsy. So you’ve been warned: Watch it below at your own risk.

“Came Back Haunted” is the first single off Hesitation Marks, due out Sept. 3. The album is NIN’s first since 2008′s The Slip, and precedes a massive North American arena tour.


Nine Inch Nails, “Came Back Haunted”






  1. Love the song. Not huge on the video; David Lynch used to be so cool, but I haven’t loved anything post Mulholland Dr.

    The video looks a little cheap to me, especially compared to something like the Closer music video.

  2. Since Mulholland Drive Lynch has made one film, Inland Empire, and a few short films and commercials. Inland Empire is one of the dozen best films in the 21st century. What exactly did he make that isn’t “so cool”? Not into his perfume ads, Bob?

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