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Video: New Order plays ‘Love Vigilantes,’ ‘Regret’ on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

New Order

New Order is in the midst of its second short run of U.S. dates this year, and, just as Bernard Sumner and Co. did this past spring when they stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” the band using the opportunity this time to once again perform on network television.

This time the group dropped in on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday night, performing “Love Vigilantes” for the broadcast and “Regret” as a web-only extra. And yes, Barney’s wearing his New Order T-shirt again. Check out both performances below:


New Order, “Love Vigilantes”


New Order, “Regret”






  1. Wow!Great performance!Stephen Morris,Phil Cunningham, Tom Chapman looking really cool. Long live great music! Long live New Order

  2. Not bad, but it’s still not the same w/o Hooky’s bass sounds.

  3. Batshiz Crazay

    Bless their hearts, i love their music, especially their older stuff but Bernard was never born to be a singer- not even a backup singer.

  4. I was at the Atlanta show this past weekend, Sean. Hooky’s bass sounded just fine.

  5. The best band of all time.

  6. The ATL show was incredible. Off the Hook if you will! His replacement played his parts just fine. It remains to be seen if he can write as good of a bassline as Hooky though.

  7. Gaggin' Em Gabe

    Lol. Hooky’s replacement is a better bass player.

  8. William nothing

    Not sure if he’s a better bass player but at least he’s 40 years younger

  9. Keep gagging Gabe because you’re full of crap! The guys alright, but nowhere near Hooks level. I’m sure you wouldn’t be slagging Hook if he was still in the band.

  10. Ian. Just saw them live tonight. NOBODY missed Hook. I promise you. Chapman kicked ass.

  11. That was excellent! I’ll always believe “Low Life” was their very best album.

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