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Stream: Gary Numan, ‘I Am Dust’ — off ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)’

Gary Numan, 'Splinter'

Synth pioneer Gary Numan this week debuted the first single off his long-in-the-works album Splinter — his first studio album in seven years, which has now received an added parenthetical (Songs From a Broken Mind) to its title — in advance of his upcoming U.S tour and dates with Nine Inch Nails.

The track debuted this week at Stereogum, which also features a lengthy interview with Numan.

The album is due out Oct. 15 in the U.S., and comes between the two legs of Numan’s U.S. tour (see full dates below), which includes a pair of Florida arena appearances at Nine Inch Nails’ opener.

Stream the new single below:



Tracklist: Gary Numan, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)

1. “I Am Dust”
2. “Here In The Black”
3. “Everything Comes Down To This”
4. “The Calling”
5. “Splinter”
6. “Lost”
7. “Love Hurt Bleed”
8. “A Shadow Falls On Me”
9. “Where I Can Never Be”
10. “We’re The Unforgiven”
11. “Who Are You”
12. “My Last Day”


Gary Numan tour dates:

Aug. 28: Ace Of Spades, Sacramento, CA
Aug. 29: WOW Hall, Eugene, OR
Aug. 30: Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver, BC
Aug. 31: Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA
Sept. 1: Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
Sept. 3: Metro Opera House, Oakland, CA
Sept. 4: The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA
Oct. 25: The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
Oct. 26: Mountain Oasis Festival, Asheville, NC
Oct. 27: The Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
Oct. 29: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Oct. 30: BB&T Center, Sunrise, FL (w/ Nine Inch Nails)
Oct. 31: Amway Center, Orlando, FL (w/ Nine Inch Nails)






  1. Gary hasn’t sung like this in decades.

    While I wish he’d move back a bit to the sounds he pioneered, this still sounds promising.

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    Not a huge fan of his or even a moderate fan, but it’s a very nice song. Reminds of of the WaxTrax! 90’s era electronic industrial bands like Gravity Kills, filter, etc.

  3. Not impressed, as much i do like Gary Numan he seems to be repeating himself since Pure.

  4. You’re right BC, but I wish he’d ditch that 90s industrial influence. What separated him from most of the other Bowie/Foxx/Roxy emulators in the early 80s was his gift for melody and soft dissonance. This is fine, but you can hear a great song beneath the sonic cliches.

  5. El Arreglardo

    Solid effort. Seeing him play Down In The Park is worth the price of admission!

  6. finalsound

    It should be pointed out that he released the excellent ‘Dead Son Rising’ album in 2011, so it has only been two years sice his last studio album, not seven.

  7. Yeah, his albums from the last 10 years have been hit or miss but overall they are better than his late 80’s output. I wouldn’t mind him going back to the Telekon or Replica’s sound, however, it would have to be done right. Skinny Puppy and Wire have recently proved this is possible. But if he ends up sounding like he did on Fury then I would prefer he stay right where he is. I agree with finalsound that Dead Son Rising was excellent. The above track is good, looking forward to hearting the rest of the album.

  8. Uh, if you are keeping track, this is Numans second new album in 2 yrs…Dead Son Rising may not have been perfect, but you can’t ignore that it was released!

  9. Am hardly a die-hard Numanoid, but can acknowledge and appreciate his influence on electro music. I am a bit of a NIN fan, though. And this track in itself knocks the three I’ve heard in advance of the Nails’ new record this year into the proverbial hat. Seriously.

  10. As a note, Dead Son Rising was comprised of tracks that had never been released (akin to Camouflage’s Relocated) ranging from Pure to Jagged, so the writer is right as this is his first release of original music in seven years.

  11. I am a bit of a Gary Numan fan, particularly of the albums Pleasure Principle and Pure and the one time i managed to see him live is one of my top 3 gigs of all time – however he’s been repeating himself for years now, instead of being original he’s just listening to too much NIN and then going into the studio. He needs to ditch this tired old industrial approach and become Gary Numan again. Pure as a great record but there’s no need to keep repeating it over and over….and over…

  12. Apogee and KCRW in Santa Monica will be hosting an intimate concert with Gary Numan-less than 150 people, on the 10th of October. You can win tickets on the Apogee website (

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