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Nine Inch Nails streams ‘Hesitation Marks’ in full a week ahead of album’s release

Nine Inch Nails

Every few days, it seems, another new track has emerged from Nine Inch Nails’ comeback album Hesitation Marks, so it was no surprise when the full album’s inevitable leak came today — and it’s equally unsurprising that Trent Reznor responded by making the record available to stream a full week ahead of its release.

Tonight, NIN’s first new album in five years began streaming in full on iTunes.

Hesitation Marks, NIN’s first album since 2008’s The Slip, arrives Sept. 3. Stream via the Nine Inch Nails artist page in iTunes or follow the link below.

LINK: Stream Nine Inch Nails’ Hesitation Marks in iTunes






  1. Seems to be through iTunes… which doesn’t appear to work for an Android device. Wish people with iPhones realized that there are actually MORE Android devices than Apple…

  2. I have an iPhone, still won’t stream. I think you hand to go to full iTunes site.

  3. As a NIN appreciator of 15 years, this was a 5.5/10 for me. Sonic potential for sure at times, but the lyrics placed over the top of the sounds were, just, well, plain dull for the most part. More soundtrack work instead please, Trent!

  4. You should check out their official website and watch the documentary on how they put together their show. It’s pretty interesting to see what it takes to put together an epic NIN show. Pre-order the album while you’re at it too! It’s well worth the purchase!

    • Thanks for pointing that out! I just watched it and it is indeed really cool, particularly re: the visuals.

      I watched a stream of How to Destroy Angels’ set at the most recent Coachella, and the lighting effects were mind-blowing. There was one sequence where it looked like they were playing behind a shower curtain of light. It’s interesting to now see the visuals team Reznor has working with him, and get a peek at how all that comes together. Some of the treatments they’ve come up with behind him of late are insane.

  5. That 80's Guy

    Nothing special, certainly nowhere on the level of PHT, TDS, or even Fragile… the time off hasn’t done Reznor any good. I’ll pass on this nonsense.

  6. I don’t have an opinion on the record one way or the other, but I thought this interview with Reznor in the new Spin was interesting and a good read:

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