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Stream: Arcade Fire covers Peter Gabriel’s 1980 classic ‘Games Without Frontiers’

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel this week finally will release the long-planned companion to his 2010 covers album Scratch My Back, a new 12-track compilation called And I’ll Scratch Yours that features many of the artists he covered on that original album returning the favor by covering his songs. Among the most anticipated has been Arcade Fire’s take on Gabriel’s 1980 single “Games Without Frontiers,” which hit the web over the weekend.

Below, you can stream the full track, a dark brooding number that features, not surprisingly, Régine Chassagne handling the Kate Bush part to Win Butler’s Gabriel.

The album, out today in the U.K. and available in the U.S. via Gabriel’s website, also features David Byrne, Brian Eno, Lou Reed, Paul Simon and more (see full tracklist below).


Arcade Fire, “Games Without Frontiers” (Via Songs That Don’t Suck)


Peter Gabriel

Tracklist: Peter Gabriel, And I’ll Scratch Yours

1. “I Don’t Remember” (David Byrne)
2. “Come Talk To Me” (Bon Iver)
3. “Blood Of Eden” (Regina Spektor)
4. “Not One Of Us” (Stephin Merritt)
5. “Shock The Monkey” (Joseph Arthur)
6. “Big Time” (Randy Newman)
7. “Games Without Frontiers” (Arcade Fire)
8. “Mercy Street” (Elbow)
9. “Mother Of Violence” (Brian Eno)
10. “Don’t Give Up” (Feist ft. Timer Timbre)
11. “Solsbury Hill” (Lou Reed)
12. “Biko” (Paul Simon)






  1. I thought Eno was covering Mother Of Violence?

  2. In other news, Arcade Fire produce terrible cover of Games Without Frontiers….because they can.

  3. If only Bowie reciprocated and covered something of Peters for this, I’d be more excited…looking forward to hearing a handful of these, dreading one or two.

  4. Patrick M. Ryan

    Wow, that’s awful.

  5. Not bad, a really good track for them to cover considering their typical style. I heard their first single from their upcoming album however, and it sucks. Some kind of Dance drivel that is exceedingly repetitive. Considering how good their last album was I really hope that track isn’t indicative of the whole release.

  6. Needs more fiddle.

  7. Needs more cowbell.

  8. Arcade Fire just keeping getting better and better…

  9. Different strokes for different folks evidently. Steve likes ’em more and more, Patrick, salford and I don’t. The cover was semi-faithful with just a few echo-y vocals and other burbling effects thrown in. Nothing special. After seeing the SNL performances last night, I’ve just come to the conclusion that AF are headed in a direction I have no interest in – 70s dance/disco? The songs were bland, the lyrics awful (as were their outfits) and the performances were awkward(see, the song’s called “Reflektor” and she’s in a mirrored box, doing the robot…or something. Bowie might’ve helped out on the song, but his memorable SNL appearances have nothing to fear from this set)…lost interest in the post-SNL concert special after those two “songs”, so I guess I missed them hanging with their new celeb friends. I’m sure my hipster friends and coworkers loved it anyway.

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