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Video: The Cure at Austin City Limits Music Festival — watch full 2-hour webcast

The Cure ACL

The Cure returned last night for its second headlining slot at this year’s two-weekend Austin City Limits Music Festival, and this time shook up its standard festival set to inject some of the rarities that Robert Smith and Co. dredged up for shows this past week in Moterrey, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas — including super-rare Head on the Door-era B-side “Stop Dead.”

Below, check out the full setlist from the band’s headlining performance and watch the full two-hour webcast, thanks to a playlist assembled by blixabargel (via Chain of Flowers).



Setlist: The Cure, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin, Texas, 10/12/13

1. “Open”
2. “A Night Like This”
3. “The End of the World”
4. “Lovesong”
5. “Just Like Heaven”
6. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”
7. “Fascination Street”
8. “Pictures of You”
9. “Lullaby”
10. “High”
11. “The Lovecats”
12. “Close To Me”
13. “Hot Hot Hot”
14. “The Caterpillar”
15. “The Walk”
16. “Stop Dead”
17. “Push”
18. “Inbetween Days”
19. “Friday I’m In Love”
20. “Doing the Unstuck”
21. “Want”
22. “The Hungry Ghost”
23. “Wrong Number”
24. “One Hundred Years”
25. “Give Me It”
26. “End”
27. “Boys Don’t Cry”






  1. Thanks for the post, but the video link is less than 8 minutes in length. Can you repost with the full length Cure show? Thanks!

  2. Ahhh … got it. Thanks!

  3. best. band. ever.

  4. Planning on watching this a dozen more times. Thanks for the post.

  5. Al Bondigas

    God damn, band sounds great, but why is Jason bashing on cymbals to start songs and fill space?! I wish he would get a different sounding snare as well, go to guitar centers drum section and try some new ones out Jason please.

  6. Jennifer McAndrew

    Thank you!

  7. Jason, Jason, again!….

  8. El Arreglardo

    Classic greatest hits set. Hope they decide to do The Top, The Head on the Door and Kiss Me trilogy. The Reflections show in NY was amazing.

  9. Seeing as The Cures hand prints are imprinted in cement as you walk into Guitar Center Hollywood (theres a huge poster of Robert there too) It would not be far fetched for a band of their size or any band/musician to shop at a Guitar Center, makes more sense than Sam Ash… K-Dork

  10. Al Bondigas

    Dear K-Dork.
    The Cure’s handprints are cemented in the rock walk at Guitar Center Hollywood, it is not a far fetched notion that they might shop at Guitar Center and or at least get an artist discount there. Jason, get a new snare and stop abusing the cymbals please.

  11. I just finished listening to the entire thing [too busy to watch]. Great sound! I’d love to get my hands on the audio in high quality MP3 or FLAC.

  12. What happened to the bass? I see him playing, but I sure don’t hear him. :(

  13. The Lost Chick

    What happened to the bass? I see him playing, but I sure don’t hear him in Fascination Street, but then finally on Lullaby there he is…

  14. Have to say Stop Dead sounds near perfect.

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