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Peter Murphy pleads guilty to meth posession in hit-and-run, sentenced to 3 years probation

Peter Murphy

Former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy avoided jail time last week when he pleaded guilty to meth possession and no contest to hit-and-run driving in connection with a Southern California car crash, for which he was sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to attend 45 days of Narcotics Anonymous meetings, the Glendale News-Press reported.

Murphy appeared in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday to accept a plea deal with prosecutors, the newspaper reported, which also included the dismissal of a charge of driving under the influence of drugs. The meth conviction would be removed from Murphy’s record if he completes the NA meetings, the newspaper reported.

The singer was arrested March 16 after police say he was driving a Subaru Forester when he rear-ended a Mercedes around 11:48 a.m. in an intersection in Glendale, Calif., then fled the scene — but was followed to Los Angeles by an eyewitness who told police “he was afraid (Murphy) would kill someone with his driving.” The witness blocked Murphy’s vehicle until police came and took him into custody.

Police noted that Murphy appeared “very confused” and was unsure of the day and time, according to the newspaper. He denied drinking alcohol, but said he had taken prescription mediation for depression.

According to press accounts, police reported finding a small bag of methamphetamine inside the patrol car in which Murphy had been detained, and believe the singer had been trying to discard it.

Murphy denied the drugs were his. He later pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, hit-and-run driving and possessing methamphetamine.

Following last week’s plea deal, Murphy’s attorney, Robert Wilson, told the News-Press: “It’s the correct resolution.”






  1. Peter Murphy..Subaru Forrester???

  2. As a long time fan, I can’t help but feel disappointed by this whole affair. While Slicing Up Eyeballs FB page is already loaded with “witty” comments and Breaking Bad-centric put downs by the trolls, hopefully Peter can get his personal life together and focus on what he still does best…. making dark beautiful music.

  3. Indigo eyes….he’s got those indigo meth eyyyeeeesss…..

  4. making dark and beautiful music takes its toll on the mind… and body, consequently

  5. Walter White

    Walter “Go-Away” White.

  6. i wish i knew who this was

  7. Bela Lugosi is high.

  8. What a shame. This might seem silly, but I thought he was beyond that sort of thing.

    • Thomas McFarlan

      Outside of of a moderate lapse of judgement most likely caused by serious jetlag, some toxic prescription and an emotional encounter all the claims are blatant signs that Peter is being railroaded by these obviously corrupt to the core authorities… See my post below…

  9. TellTaleArt

    I always thought Peter Murphy was driving a hotrod like Christine, that ate people at night :-) That aside…despite inner sympathy i feel for such true rock’n’roll rebellion, I realize someone could have been killed in this incident. Mr. Murphy, please be careful. You are truly better than this.

  10. Alexander L

    Peter :(

  11. Island Girl


  12. rojomayor

    Peter eres un genio musical.

  13. He is definitively the best thing in music. Period.

  14. He is definitively the best thing music has to offer. Period.

  15. Peter will always be my favorite from the 80’s. Meth has taken over so many. Stand Tall Peter Murphey we are 100 percent behind you..

  16. Let me point out a few details regarding this situation involving Peter Murphy that somehow no one seems to have the discernment to articulate…

    1: The authorities charged him with a felony DUI even though he registered a 0.01 level of alcohol in his blood/alcohol field test far lower than the legal limit of 0.07… Um… well… this alone PROVES that the authorities did in fact attempt to frame him for a DUI… If you charge someone with a DUI when an objective blood test proves the person was sober the person in question is obviously being framed…

    2: As it is clear that Peter was being railroaded by these corrupt authorities why would anyone believe the, already on the face of it, ridiculously flimsy claim that a tiny stash of meth was found in the patrol car that Peter was in. Even if in fact they really did find a tiny bag of meth there it could have belonged to any number of people who previously were in the patrol car that day or even from another day. And as I already pointed out it is obvious that they were already trying to frame him based on the fraudulent DUI charge.

    3: The motorist who supposedly was so concerned for public safety and who decided to take the law in his own hands by chasing after the car Peter’s was driving and cornering him put himself, Peter and everyone around them on the road that night in much greater danger than if he would have made the legal and sane choice of simply calling the police on his cell phone. This driver should be charged with some form of reckless endangerment.

    4: Clearly if Peter scraped another car while driving and kept on driving that points to a lapse of judgement, but not a defective or dangerous character, as it is inconsistent with his personal/legal history. This lapse of judgement was most likely caused by jetlag as he’s been touring all over the world in the last few years, some garbage prescription drug that he may have been talked into taking, or a recent highly charged emotion encounter he had with other members of Bauhaus, his record company or band management.

  17. As Peter Murphy’s character is obviously being slandered, I want to recount an encounter I and a few old friends had with Peter Murphy in 1998 at the Bauhaus reunion shows in Los Angeles and San Diego…

    In the months before Bauhaus’ 1998 reunion tour a very close old friend of mine was burned in a fire — she survived but was in the hospital for months. Another mutual friend who happened to be well connected and particularly crafty.., got the idea to attempt to get in touch with Peter Murphy to try and get him to give our injured friend a call in the hospital to lift her spirits. My crafty friend was able to contact one of Peter Murphy’s managers and the message was given to Peter. Literally WITHIN A WEEK PETER MURPHY HIMSELF called my friend who had found a way to reach out to his manager… Imagine coming home to a message on your answering machine from a musician you have cherished for almost a decade… After getting the lowdown on the details of the situation of our injured friend Peter Murphy personally called our friend in the hospital not once, not twice, but MULTIPLE TIMES. He had no idea who she or my friend who had contacted his manager were — they were just random fans to him.

    Peter proceeded to send her tickets and a backstage pass to the first Los Angeles reunion show and the show in San Diego. After Bauhaus finished performing the incredible first reunion show in Los Angeles that night I along with a number of friends waited downstairs as our injured friend was taken backstage to meet Peter and the rest of Bauhaus… Then one-by-one Peter sent a roadie downstairs to bring a backstage pass to the friend who had originally reached out to him, myself and one other friend of ours who our injured friend asked him to bring backstage. Peter Murphy was so incredibly generous with his time with us backstage and just incredibly friendly and down-to-earth. At the show in San Diego, the original group of us were invited backstage again. Like the Los Angeles show Peter was incredibly generous with his time only even more so, he even arranged to have us meet him in the courtyard of his hotel for tea and conversation very late that night after the concert…

    I’ll never forget Peter Murphy’s kindness and generosity and how in-the-moment he is with his attention. Just incredibly spontaneous in the most kind and down-to-earth kind-of way. He truly lives the feeling of his music and cares about his fans.

  18. butt kicks ass.

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