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Video: The Cure plays ‘Burn’ for first time ever at New Orleans’ Voodoo Music Experience

the cure

Photo via caitlynridenour on Instagram

The Cure tonight performed what’s been billed as its final show of 2013, a headlining performance at New Orleans Voodoo Music Experience that saw Robert Smith and Co. drop yet another shocker on fans: the first-ever live performance of “Burn,” the band’s album-opening contribution to the soundtrack to 1994’s “The Crow.”

According to Chain of Flowers, Smith introduced the song by saying, “Here’s another song about New Orleans. One we’ve never played.” Tonight’s debut of “Burn” follows the first-ever performance of Head on the Door-era B-side “Stop Dead” (which also was played tonight) in Monterrey, Mexico, last month, as well as the return of rarely aired tracks like “Birdmad Girl” and  “Give Me It.”

Below, check out video of that performance via spyterus, as well as tonight’s setlist.

UPDATE: There’s an even better video here.


The Cure, “Burn” — Voodoo Music Experience, New Orleans, La., 11/3/13


Setlist: The Cure, Voodoo Music Experience, New Orleans, La., 11/3/13

1. “Shake Dog Shake”
2. “Fascination Street”
3. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”
4. “The End of the World”
5. “Lovesong”
6. “Just Like Heaven”
7. “Burn”
8. “Pictures of You”
9. “Lullaby”
10. “High”
11. “Hot Hot Hot!!!”
12. “The Caterpillar”
13. “The Walk”
14. “Stop Dead”
15. “Push”
16. “In Between Days”
17. “Friday I’m in Love”
18. “Doing the Unstuck”
19. “Bananafishbones”
20. “Want”
21. “The Hungry Ghost”
22. “Wrong Number”
23. “One Hundred Years”
24. “Give Me It”

25. “The Lovecats”
26. “Close to Me”
27. “Let’s Go to Bed”
28. “Why Can’t I Be You?”
29. “Boys Don’t Cry”






  1. I’m so glad they stopped playing A Forest at every show; now they can fit in three more songs, like this one!

  2. If they aren’t looking to release new material in the near future, I wish they’d at least produce an occasional live album (full shows) to hear some of these rare tracks they keep pulling out of the hat…

    • I could not agree more. Take a look at Pixies, who are releasing full concerts left and right these days as downloads through their website — cheap! — with shows spanning their career. It’s really brilliant for fans what they’re doing.

      Robert Smith could set that up in his sleep. These recent Cure concerts need to be heard, and Robert and the boys could make a few bucks off them.

  3. Craig from COF must have peed, pooped, and came in his pants all at the same time… lol

    Nice to see them pulling out these rare songs.

  4. Hi Scott – I quite like “Forest” to be honest, actually! :-) And I agree with Brian. I thoroughly enjoyed the “Bestival Live” album about 18 months ago, which I think was essentially the band’s 35th anniversary (??), but yeah, another similar release (or even a triple-CD compilation of the 2013 run? or double DVD set?) would be very welcome.

  5. I have seen them play 5 times now and last night was my favorite :)

  6. Nice one! ;-)

  7. I dont mind when A Forest is in the main set, and to its “radio single” duration. So that means, Im normally SOL!!
    When its in the encores, and its 12 mins long….i get weary of it.
    However, YES YES YES – if RS and co., started to sell full concerts as pseudo-bootlegs on their website?!!
    I’d be a preferred customer.

  8. Dear Robert,
    This is how it’s done:


    Signed, Your Fans

    • although i doubt RS would ever make that many set lists available (if at all in a perfect world?) wouldn’t it be awesome if like 4 or 5 marquee shows were in fact…..

  9. Pimpollo Olyarse

    Jason Cooper sucks!
    Boris Williams rocks!

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