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Watch Paul Weller perform a 5-song set with the London Metropolitan Orchestra

Paul Weller

Last month, former Jam frontman Paul Weller participated in Save the Children’s Christmas Tree Sessions benefit, performing five songs — including a brand-new one called “Gravity” — while backed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra, a 20-minute set that is now available to watch online in its entirety via the charity itself.

Below, you can see the setlist and video, which found Weller kicking off with the new song, then digging into four cuts from across his solo career.

Of the new song, he told the NME:

“‘Gravity’ is a song I’ve had for a while now, and I don’t know what to do with it. I’m working on a new album, writing and collecting songs, and hopefully it’ll be out next year. It’s what I do, write songs and record them, so I just want to get on with it.”

Check it out below:



Setlist: Paul Weller, Christmas Tree Sessions, Union Chapel, London, UK, 12/5/13

1. “Gravity”
2. “Wild Wood”
3. “You Do Something To Me”
4. “Aim High”
5. “The Pebble and the Boy”






  1. nice to know the modfather’s still got it

  2. Mauro Monteiro

    How absolutely incredible. Paul’s voice still rings with so much soul and warmth. The arrangements are truly beautiful and rich. You Do Something to Me gave me a bit of the ol’ wet eye, so moving. And Gravity is without a doubt a Weller gem for our time. Bless up.

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