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Ministry’s Al Jourgensen to enter rehab for alcohol abuse: ‘I need help on this one’

Ministry's Al Jourgensen

Ministry’s Al Jourgensen has decided to check himself into a rehabilitation facility for alcohol issues, his label 13th Planet confirmed tonight, after the legendary industrial-metal frontman let the cat out of the bag himself on Facebook, writing, “I appreciate the support from my brother and family… kicked dope and crack by myself… but I need help on this one.”

In 2011, when Jourgensen announced plans to resurrect Ministry, he went public with news of a near-fatal burst ulcer that he said prompted him to get healthy; at the time, Jourgensen said he had quit drinking, smoking and eating meat, and was nine years drug-free: “I’m the healthiest I’ve been in over 20 years.”

That sobriety, however, did not last. (Neither did quitting smoking, judging from the photo posted above, which Jourgensen shared on Facebook on Christmas Day 2013.)

Tonight on Ministry’s Facebook page, 13th Planet posted:

“Dear Ministry Fans! Uncle Al has made the decision to go to rehab to address his alcohol issues. We were really trying to keep this a private family affair and not a media frenzy; however, your crazy Uncle Al posted about it yesterday on his FB page, so now it’s out. Of course we always want to let Ministry fans be the first to know about things, but this got away from us. We hope that you will join us and the entire 13th Planet family in wishing Al the very best and giving him your full support in his journey towards sobriety. We are all very, very proud of him.”

In Jourgensen’s own post revealing his decision Saturday, he told fans that, “My sobriety will not and I repeat not knock off my sarcasm…if anything….it will intensify,” and asked for them to keep him in mind: “All your thoughts and prayers are more than welcome.”





  1. Sadly..I feel Ministry & Rock n’ Roll in general is about excess……so Al being sober,,,is good for Al but Bad for Rock n’ Roll…….It’s just the nature of the business…..

  2. Poor Uncle Al


    Get better.

    With Sympathy,


  3. Glory2Babalon

    Sending you positive energy, stay strong Al ! 93

  4. I guess that explains the lack of judgement on those facial piercings.

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