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Peter Hook to perform New Order’s ‘Low-Life,’ ‘Brotherhood’ on North American tour

Peter Hook tour

Former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook has yet to debut his new show featuring full front-to-back performances of the latter group’s third and fourth albums — 1985’s Low-Life and 1986’s Brotherhood — but he’s already announcing plans to bring it to North America for a 14-date tour this November.

Hook will follow up a pair of previously announced “From Confusion to Truth Faith” U.K. gigs this September with the North American dates, which run from Nov. 4 in Austin, Texas, to Nov. 22 in Los Angeles.

The shows will include performances of both albums plus singles and B-sides from what Hook calls New Order’s “most prolific period,” spanning August 1983 up to 1987, including “Thieves Like Us,'” “State of the Nation,” “Love Vigilantes,” “Bizarre Love Triangle,” “The Perfect Kiss” and more.

Hook also will open for himself, performing a set of Joy Division songs.

In recent years, Hook has toured Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and Closer albums as well as New Order’s Movement and Power, Corruptions & Lies.


Peter Hook & The Light performs Low-Life and Brotherhood:

Sept. 25: The Ritz, Manchester
Sept. 27: Sheperds Bush Empire, London

Nov. 4: The Mohawk, Austin, TX
Nov. 6: Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 7: Irving Plaza, New York, NY
Nov. 8: Royale, Boston, MA
Nov. 9: Theatre Tellus, Montreal, QC
Nov. 11: Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON
Nov. 13: The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI
Nov. 14: Metro, Chicago, IL
Nov. 15: Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 17: Venue, Vancouver, BC
Nov. 18: Nuemos, Seattle, WA
Nov. 20: Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
Nov. 21: Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA
Nov. 22: Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA






  1. Glory2Babalon

    Awesome, I’ll check out the Seattle show for sure! I’ve seen the YouTube clips of his JD\NO sets, I enjoyed them.

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    When ya can’t write your own music, cover the other bands that made you famous- especially the ones who hate your guts. That’s the best revenge, right? ;)

    • “When ya can’t write your own music..”

      Um… he plays bass? He was the bass player in New Order? I guess you’ve never heard New Order? Cause they’re like he’s one of the 10 most original bassists in the history of rock. NR is Hook + a drum machine + a drummer who plays like a drum machibe + Gilbert;s Enossificating * transcendental production. Oh… and banal lyrics and terrible singing.

      • I apologize for they typos–I’m wasted.

      • Batshiz Crazay

        Ashes, sorry let me clarify- when you can’t write your own music in your own band, i.e. “Peter Hook and the Light”- who released 2 eps 4 years ago in 2010?? As a contributor to all his former projects, JD, Freebass, Monaco, etc fine. But he hasn’t exactly been making a living releasing his own music and instead, been cashing in by playing-and singing- music from his former band. That’s the equivalent of Duff McKagen going on tour playing and singing all guns n roses songs. It’s just… weird and not right. Ever see New Order tour and play entire joy division songs? That would be an insult to Ian and of course, they have more than enough respect to ever do that. And that is my point. :)

        • @Batshiz : Your analogy isn’t really correct. It is more like Slash touring playing GnR tunes. Peter Hook was the genius in New Order. He made their sound. Have you seen the rest of New Order play their music without him? Not nearly as good as Hook and his band playing those songs. He is amazing and I will without hesitation see him every time he comes to town. His last tour was one of the best shows I have seen in many years.

        • Simon Walpole

          I concur entirely with you but just one correction. New Order have gone out and performed full Joy Division songs (Isolation and Atmosphere are two that come to mind) but in quite rare instances.

        • “…Cashing in by playing-and singing- music from his former band.” Well, that’s what the other 3 members are doing. The difference is they have the legal rights to the “New Order” name, but are guilty of “cranking out the oldies” just the same. If Peter had the NO band name would he be any more legitimate in performing these songs?

          I think Peter has said in interview he and Bernard competed early on for who would be the lead vocalist in the band. At least now he can fulfill his dream.

        • Isn’t the equivalent to Hook playing his old band’s music, the fact that his old band still goes out and plays the same exact music? Or have I missed the plethora of studio releases from Bernie and Co. this past decade?

  3. So excited for the tour date release! Peter Hook is just amazing!!!

  4. His last tour was amazing, psyched that he’s coming back.

  5. <3 SO EXCITED!!!!!! <3

  6. The whole Hook v. New Order drama has worn oh so thin. Hook can do what he likes, but for god’s sake make him stop whining about the rest of his old band. I’m sure there is blame on both sides, but in every interview I’ve read, Hook always seems like the angry old guy yelling at everyone to get off of his lawn. I’m not diminishing his role in New Order or Joy Division, but I would think that at his age he would have enough maturity and perspective to get over whatever went down. Or at least stop going on and on about it in the press. That said, he always gets a somewhat free pass from me for producing Elephant Stone by the Stone Roses, even if the band was never satisfied with the final product.

  7. when and where do we get tickets?? (Vancouver) mybe Seattle

  8. i went to his movement tour last year, it was horrible. Most songs were not recognisable. Hook worn his bass like a necklace rarely playing it. A waste of time and money.

  9. Paul Moses

    Peter Hook is a genuinely nice guy but he really has overdone the tribute/homage/legacy thing. By several “orders” of magnitude. “NO” wonder his former bandmates have written him off.

  10. For me Peter and Stephen were the best elements of New Order. The former for those infectious, melodic bass lines, while Stephen actually was the main influence for me to pick up drumming as a teenager.

  11. I hope you realise half these comments are from Hooky himself.

  12. Can’t wait. See you at the Troc in Philly.

  13. Hi Hooky
    Any Scottish dates coming up – please! please! please!

  14. BTW, that should read Theatre Telus for Montreal and not Tellus. :)

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