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Video: The Cure digs out ‘2 Late,’ ‘Harold and Joe’ for massive 45-song London set

The Cure

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The Cure played their first of two shows Friday night at London’s legendary Royal Albert Hall as part of the annual Teenage Cancer Trust concert series, treating fans to a marathon 45-song set that featured some true surprises, including the live debut of Disintegration-era B-side “2 Late” and only the second performance ever of “Never Enough” flip side “Harold and Joe.”

According to the setlist compiled by indispensable fansite Chain of Flowers, Robert Smith and Co. played a 29-song main set, then 16 more songs spread over three encores. (Still, not quite as long as the epic 50-song set the band played in Mexico City on Smith’s birthday last year.)

The show featured not only the live debut of “Lovesong” B-side “2 Late,” but the first performance of “Harold and Joe” since 1991, and only the second overall. The band also brought back Wild Mood Swings ballad “Jupiter Crash” for the first time since 2004, and performed “Freakshow” off 4.13 Dream for the first time since that album’s tour in 2008.

Below, you can see the full setlist, plus video of some of those rarities and other favorites played in London.

The band performs again tonight.


Setlist: The Cure, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, 3/28/14

1. “Plainsong”
2. “Prayers For Rain”
3. “A Strange Day”
4. “A Night Like This”
5. “Stop Dead”
6. “Push”
7. “Inbetween Days”
8. “2 Late”
9. “Jupiter Crash”
10. “The End of the World”
11. “Lovesong”
12. “Mint Car”
13. “Friday I’m in Love”
14. “Doing the Unstuck”
15. “Trust”
16. “Pictures of You”
17. “Lullaby”
18. “High”
19. “Harold and Joe”
20. “The Caterpillar”
21. “The Walk”
22. “Sleep When I’m Dead”
23. “Just Like Heaven”
24. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”
25. “Want”
26. “The Hungry Ghost”
27. “Wrong Number”
28. “One Hundred Years”
29. “Disintegration”

30. “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep”
31. “Shake Dog Shake”
32. “Fascination Street”
33. “Bananafishbones”
34. “Play For Today”
35. “A Forest”

36. “Catch”
37. “The Lovecats”
38. “Hot Hot Hot”
39. “Let’s Go to Bed”
40. “Freakshow”
41. “Close To Me”
42. “Why Can’t I Be You?”

43. “Boys Don’t Cry”
44. “10:15 Saturday Night”
45. “Killing An Arab”


The Cure, “2 Late” and “Jupiter Crash”


The Cure, “Harold and Joe”


The Cure, “Stop Dead”


The Cure, “Catch”


The Cure, “A Night Like This”


The Cure, “A Forest”


The Cure, “Want”


The Cure, “A Strange Day”


The Cure, “Push”


The Cure, “The Caterpillar”


The Cure, “The Walk”






  1. Seems like they’re trying to rival springsteen with these long sets.

  2. Thanks, Slicing..

    And still no news about that mystery press release.

  3. The Cure had been going with a keyboard-less lineup. How long have they had one again?

  4. Glory2Babalon

    Nice setlist!

  5. I gotta give Bob props for just pushing ahead when he doesn’t remember the words (much of 2 Late). :)

    LOVE that he owned up to it with the story at the end. :) Also cool that he sings his own songs around the house! It is a catchy tune. :)

  6. Sounds terrible, nobody should have to listen to 45 live songs from anyone. Total self indulgence.

    • Who’s keeping you from leaving?

    • If they’d have played less, then someone would’ve complained about that. At least you can’t say those fans didn’t get their money’s worth. The only thing that’s bad here is that after nearly 2 decades of horrible drumming by Cooper, it’s beginning to sound good. It’s as if people have come to accept his mediocre “high school marching band” drumming as the “norm” after so long but, make no mistake, his drumming is sub-par.

      Smith should ring up ex-Banshees drummer Budgie to drum. He’s worked with Smith before, is well versed in a similar style of music to The Cure’s and is the only drummer on par with Williams (at times even exceeding him). Cooper oversimplifies many song and sounds like a YouTube amateur covering Cure songs. That’s just the truth and it’s been said as such since Williams left.

  7. For me ‘Stop Dead’ made the night. Couldn’t believe they did that so early in. Really set thee scene for one of the best sets I’ve seen from them over a gazillion times. My only regret is there wasn’t another encore or more time for Faith etc

  8. “2 Late” should have been a single, it’s always been of my favorite The Cure songs. Amazing setlist.

    • I agree. Should have at least made made the album, except Disintegration was already overpacked with greatness.

      • Agreed ferndave and gonzax on the comments, there is nothing that could be removed from Disintegration, but that said it is a shame it only made B’ side, it makes me happy to know he sings it all the time, it has been one of my faves since I heard it.

  9. karaoke king

    What’s with his hair these days?

  10. Jupiter Crash sounds Amazing!!! Robert’s voice sounds great!!! I’m so psyched for Napa!!!!

  11. Steve P. to answer your question The Cure brought back their keyboardist Roger O’Donnell in 2011.

  12. They did three encores last time I saw them. My attention span isn’t as long as it was. Regardless of liking a show that long or not, nobody can say you don’t get more than you paid for. They cover a lot of ground.

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