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Here’s pro-shot video of that new New Order song — which is actually called ‘Singularity’

New Order

Last week we shared some fairly rough video of the first new New Order song since the Waiting for the Sirens’ Call sessions, and now you can get a better look/listen to the track via some pro-shot video taken at Lollapalooza Brazil over the weekend. And as Bernard Sumner notes, fan reports that the track was called “Drop the Guitar” were not on point.

“Can I just say it is not called fucking ‘Drop the Guitar,'” Sumner tells the crowd. “It’s called ‘Singularity.’ I don’t know what it means. Check it out on Wikipedia — because that’s here I got the title from.” (Sumner even spells out the title at the song’s conclusion, just to make sure everyone’s clear.)

Below, you can watch the pro-shot footage of New Order performing “Singularity,” plus “Ceremony,” “Age of Consent” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”


Video: New Order, “Singularity,” Lollapalooza Brazil, 4/6/14


Video: New Order, “Ceremony,” Lollapalooza Brazil, 4/6/14


Video: New Order, “Age of Consent,” Lollapalooza Brazil, 4/6/14


Video: New Order, “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” Lollapalooza Brazil, 4/6/14






  1. ohhh Yesshh! Love it!

  2. It’s absolutely brilliant.

  3. Hurrah! 1986 is back in vogue – well 1986 era New Order and that’s a very good thing!

  4. 1986 New Order was a shell of what they had been. This New Order really deserves no comment. Really sad.

  5. I gotta say, I like this much better than anything I’ve heard from them since the 90s.

  6. An okay cut but it’s not remotely same without Hooky’s signature bass sound.

  7. Fuqing amazing as always.

  8. I dig it!

  9. I was there!!!…Yay!!!…

  10. I love New Order, but damn what an awful singer.

  11. I like it. Although, for the first minute I wasn’t sure the drummer and bassist were going to be playing the same song…that timing…cringe city.

  12. I’m just thankful that they’re at least performing something new among what could otherwise have become an interminable “30th anniversary tour”. But yeah, even compared with the “Live At The Troxy” and “Bestival” concert albums, Barn’s singing here is at times quite shocking. Give him benefit of the doubt given the potential equipment quibbles that can occur at big festival gigs (?). One who is constantly a solid presence though so far since the re-grouping of NO seems to be Steve Morris at the kit. Top stuff.

  13. mick eins

    I’m liking this “Drop The Guitar” tune.

  14. Glory2Babalon

    I’m looking forward to the Seattle show, but holy $hit they’re charging more than Depeche Mode does!

  15. S-I-N-G-U-L-A-R-T-Y


  16. Well, I’m fine with the name of the song, and it’s a solid New Order tune. It’s just that if he’s going to go out of his way to piss on people who got it wrong the first time through, he might just spell it properly.

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