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Paul Weller this June will follow up 1998’s Modern Classics compilation with a new companion best-of — cleverly titled More Modern Classics — that will pick up where the previous set left off, collecting 20 favorites by the former Jam leader recorded over the past 15 years, including a brand-new single, “Brand New Toy,” that you can stream here.

The set will be released in five formats, including a standard 21-song CD, digital release and heavyweight vinyl LP, plus deluxe digital and CD versions that include two bonus discs’ worth of material (see full tracklist below). Each format includes Weller-penned liner notes, while the deluxe CD edition is encased in a 36-page hardback book.

The collection features material off the seven albums Weller has released since 2000, plus recent non-album singles such as “Starlite” and “Flame-Out!” The second disc in the deluxe set includes an additional 20 songs from that timeframe, while the third disc features a dozen radio-session recordings, although that tracklist is subject to change.

The new single, “Brand New Toy,” also is being released as a limited-edition 7-inch single this Saturday for Record Store Day. That single features a B-side, “Landslide,” not included on the new best-of.

To promote the release, Weller will play two “very intimate and unique live shows” at a to-be-announced London venue next month. Fans who pre-order More Modern Classics via Weller’s official store will receive information on how to access a pre-sale for those shows, with a limit of two tickets per person.

Below, listen to “Brand New Toy” and check out the deluxe-edition tracklist.



Tracklist: Paul Weller, More Modern Classics: Deluxe Edition

Disc 1
1. “He’s The Keeper”
2. “Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea”
3. “It’s Written In The Stars”
4. “Wishing On A Star”
5. “From The Floorboards Up”
6. “Come On / Let’s Go”
7. “Wild Blue Yonder”
8. “Have You Made Up Your Mind”
9. “Echoes Round the Sun”
10. “All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)”
11. “Push It Along”
12. “22 Dreams”
13. “No Tears To Cry”
14. “Wake Up The Nation”
15. “Fast Car / Slow Traffic”
16. “Starlite
17. “That Dangerous Age”
18. “When Your Garden’s Overgrown”
19. “The Attic”
20. “Flame-Out!”
21. “Brand New Toy”

Disc 2
1. “Frightened
2. “With Time And Temperance”
3. “A Bullet For Everyone”
4. “One X One”
5. “Don’t Make Promises”
6. “One Way Road”
7. “Birds”
8. “Blink And You’ll Miss it”
9. “Roll Along Summer”
10. “The Pebble And The Boy”
11. “Empty Ring”
12. “Why Walk When You Can Run”
13. “Night Lights”
14. “7 & 3 Is The Striker’s Name”
15. “Trees”
16. “Up The Dosage”
17. “Green”
18. “Paperchase”
19. “Be Happy Children”
20. “The Olde Original”

Disc 3 *
1. “All I Wanna Do” (The Sun Session)
2. “From The Floorboards Up” (XFM Session)
3. “The Attic” (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
4. “Around The Lake” (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
5. “Andromeda” (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
6. “That Dangerous Age” (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
7. “When Your Gardens” (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
8. “Wake Up The Nation” (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
9. “Savages” (Capital Gold Session)
10. “Time Of The Season” (BBC Radio 2 Session)
11. “Aim High” (Black Barn Session)
12. “Daydream” (Loving Spoonful Cover) (XFM Session)

* Disc 3 tracklist may be subject to change






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