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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong joins The Replacements during second Coachella set

The Replacements

Coachella’s second weekend is under way now, and The Replacements took the stage tonight for the second of the reunited band’s appearances at the two-weekend fest — and dropped a big surprise on the crowd, as Green Day’ Billie Joe Armstrong joined the ‘Mats for part of the band’s set while Paul Westerberg played and sang from an on-stage couch.

Westerberg came onto the stage at the opening of the band’s set walking with a cane, and some tweets from audience members suggest he’d hurt his back, hence the need to hit the couch on stage. But it’s not entirely clear whether something actually was wrong, or whether it was just a joke.

As seen in video below, Armstrong at one point gives Westerberg a peck on the cheek, then tells the audience, “Dreams really do come true.” (“We’ll see about that,” Tommy Stinson responds.) The band then launches into “I’m in Trouble.”

Reports are still coming in, and we’ll update this as we learn more. But below you can see some photos and video from tonight’s Replacements set at Coachella.





















  1. Paul is loaded.

  2. Westerberg has performed from a couch on his solo tours. Just schtick. Love it.

  3. Thank you for the postings. One of my favorite bands. Live they are hit or miss. Song writing and sugary sweet power pop they are tops. having Billie Joe play lead. Nice. #SlimDunlap #BobStinson #BeerForBreakfast

  4. Nice of Paul and Tommy to let the retarded kid down the street come hang out with them.

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