Vinyl — April 19, 2014 at 9:36 am

Pixies sneak surprise 7-inch into Record Store Day release of ‘Indie Cindy’

Pixies 'Women of War'

The Pixies’ forthcoming Indie Cindy collects the 12 new songs the band released over the past year via three EPs, but fans who buy the pre-release vinyl edition of the album today at Record Store Day retailers are in for a surprise: a 13th new song, “Women of War,” that’s been been pressed up on a one-sided 7-inch and slipped into the record unannounced.

Indie Cindy, the band’s first album since Trompe le Monde, gets a full retail release on April 29. For full details, including tracklist and bonus material, head over this way.

UPDATE: You can now stream and/or download “Women of War” below.







  1. Gosh, do record stores actually stock this stuff? I can’t imagine any of the ghetto used record and cd places near me getting any of these RSD albums. I would love to get a few but I just don’t see it happening around this part of VA.

  2. Can we listen to Women of War anywhere?

  3. Do you know where this was available? I pre-ordered on Record Store Day from Amoeba and turns out they didn’t have access to this deal.

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