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Watch the Pixies dissect new album ‘Indie Cindy’ track-by-track in this 19-minute video

Pixies track by track video

With the Pixies’ first new album in 23 years out this week, the band — Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering — sat down to discuss Indie Cindy track-by-track, an interview that’s been packaged as an 18-minute video that you can see below. In the reel, the band, largely Black Francis, talks about subjects ranging from the vocal influence of Eddy Grant to the “ill-fated rehearsal session” with now-former bassist Kim Deal.

Check it out:







  1. This was a really cool track by track review of the album. I love the spaceish stuff Frank writes about. I had no idea “Ring the Bell” was about an island that is going to sink 75 years from now and old visitors from space want to visit the island again that previously inhabited there, before it sinks. Brilliant frank, just brilliant!

  2. really interesting. All bands should do this.

  3. Well played Joey with his comments about someone saying a tune sounds like AC/DC. Love to hear the fire from these guys…..

  4. Releasing the album piecemeal was an interesting strategy and maintained a definite anticipation and tension throughout, but now that it’s all out as a properly sequenced album, “Indie Cindy” is actually really good. Hearing them discuss it song by song was illuminating, especially for tracks like “Ring the Bells.”

    I’m surprised by some of the “meh” comments or outright hostility I’ve read in response to the record. I mean, I can see why Pitchfork wouldn’t like it — it sounds nothing like an Arcade Fart record, so they don’t know what to do with it. But I thought the negative review on Grantland was really hasty and poorly informed.

    I’d actually call this a stronger record end to end than “Trompe Le Monde,” and I’d be glad to hear any of these songs live at any future show. I look forward to hearing what Paz adds to their next record.

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