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Watch Al Jourgensen moonlight as a TV weatherman ahead of new Ministry tour, live album

Al Jourgensen

Now that he’s out of rehab, Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen’s getting back to the business of being Al Jourgensen, and that means putting out a new record — well, a live album and concert film combo — getting the band back together to play their swan song From Beer to Eternity live on tour and, last but not least, trying his hand at being a TV weatherman.

On July 8, Ministry will release Last Tangle in Paris: Live 2012 in 2CD/Blu-ray, 2CD/DVD and a single-LP vinyl editions, featuring live performances from the band’s 2012 DeFiBrilLaTouR reunion tour — although presumably taken from more than just the Paris show, which was cut short when Jourgensen collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital (see full tracklist below).

While the promotional description for Last Tangle in Paris claims “Al Jourgensen has no intention to tour Ministry ever again,” that’s already not true. Jourgensen has announced on his Facebook page that he intends to put Ministry back together to tour North and South America, Europe, Mexico, Australia and Japan, performing last year’s From Beer to Eternity in its entirety each night.

He still vows, though, that in the wake of guitarist Mike Scaccia’s death in late 2012, there will be no more new Ministry music, even if he’s reassembling the band to go on tour.

Jourgensen writes:

“Yup you heard right…will be touring the FBTE album….the set will be FBTE in it’s exact order…and a few oldies for an encore…and it just won’t be America and Europe this time….we’ll see ya down under as well as Mexico South America and Japan…so start rounding up every fucking Amish teen you can find and bring em to the shows…..I will exact my revenge on those bastards….I’m still puking from their toxic “wood milk ” shit…….yuk!…if there was ever a reason to tour this is it….oh btw…it’s a secret for now…but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the dude that’ll take Mikey’s place……ok that’s it….so let it be written …so let it be done…. P.S. still not a chance in hell there will be another Ministry album…..will be doing some side stuff though when I get my ass to LA…..Mikey’s last words to me were….FBTE could not be topped …so why bother MINISTRY RECORDINGS ARE DONE !!!! Carve that shit on a stone tablet!”

Finally, as Jourgensen completes his move from his longtime ranch and studio complex near El Paso, Texas, to Los Angeles, he stopped by El Paso’s KVIA-Channel 7 for an on-air exit interview of sorts, and then stuck around to do the weather. Well, in honor of his move, he presented an L.A. forecast (“So far no mudslides, fires, locusts, traffic… well, traffic jams we’ll have”).

Below, check out both Jourgensen’s weather forecast and his full interview (via Al Fkn Jourgensen) — plus an eight-minute electronic press kit previewing the Last Tangle in Paris concert film.


Video: Al Jourgensen does the weather on El Paso’s KVIA-Channel 7


Video: Al Jourgensen interview on El Paso’s KVIA-Channel 7


Video: Ministry Last Tangle in Paris: Live 2012 electronic press kit


Ministry Last Tangle in Paris

Tracklist: Ministry, Last Tangle in Paris: Live 2012

CD 1
1. “Ghouldiggers”
2. “No ‘W'”
3. “Señor Peligro”
4. “Rio Grande Blood”
5. “Lieslieslies”
6. “99%ers”
7. “Life Is Good”
8. “Relapse”
9. “The Last Sucker”

CD 2
1. “Psalm 69”
2. “N.W.O.”
3. “Just One Fix”
4. “Thieves”
5. “Khyber Pass”
6. “Fear Is Big Business”
7. “Let’s Go”
8. “Watch Yourself”
9. “So What”

1. “Ghouldiggers”
2. “No ‘W'”
3. “Señor Peligro”
4. “Lieslieslies”
5. “99%ers”
6. “Life Is Good”
7. “Relapse”
8. “The Last Sucker”
9. “Psalm 69”
10. “N.W.O.”
11. “Just One Fix”
12. “Thieves”






  1. Geez oh man, does Al ever need to get those glasses adjusted.

  2. Ministry, classic rock? nah, never!!

  3. Who the F wants to see From Beer to Eternity in its entirety each night!?!?! I mean, Twitch, LORAH, Mind, Psalm 69…. that makes sense.

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