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Tears For Fears’ ‘Songs From the Big Chair’ to be reissued this fall in giant 6-disc box set

Tears For Fears

A year after reissuing their debut The Hurting in a bonus-stuffed box set, Tears For Fears is set to do the same for their monstrously successful second album, with an ambitious, multi-format reissue of 1985’s smash Songs From the Big Chair due out this fall.

While the band has yet to announce the reissue, Universal Music Group’s catalog database shows a Nov. 4 release date for Songs From the Big Chair in five formats: a single-disc release, a double-disc Deluxe Edition, a Blu-ray Audio edition, a vinyl pressing and a six-disc Super Deluxe Edition that will feature four CDs, a DVD and a Blu-ray Audio disc. also has initial listings for the Songs From the Big Chair reissue.

No tracklists have yet been revealed, so it’s not clear what bonus material will be included this time around. The album — which hit No. 1 in the U.S. and features the hit singles “Shout,” “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “Head Over Heels” — was reissued in 1999 and again in 2006 as a 2CD Deluxe Edition.

UPDATE: Our friends at SuperDeluxeEdition — having worked on the reissue — have the full tracklist for the Super Deluxe Edition, which includes “every commercially issued b-side and remix of the era, previously unreleased radio sessions and early mixes and a high-resolution 5.1 surround sound mix courtesy or highly respected remixer and engineer Steven Wilson.”

Check out the tracklist below, and read more about the reissue at SuperDeluxeEdition.


Tracklist: Tears For Fears, Songs From the Big Chair: Super Deluxe Edition

DISC 1: Songs From The Big Chair
1. “Shout”
2. “The Working Hour”
3. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”
4. “Mothers Talk”
5. “I Believe”
6. “Broken”
7. “Head Over Heels”
8. “Listen”
Bonus tracks:
9. “The Big Chair”
10. “Empire Building”
11. “The Marauders”
12. “Broken Revisited”
13. “The Conflict”
14. “The Working Hour” (Piano Version)
15. “Pharaohs”
16. “When In Love With A Blind Man”
17. “Sea Song”

DISC 2: Edited Songs From The Big Chair
1. “The Way You Are”
2. “Mothers Talk” (Single Version)
3. “Shout” (Single Version)
4. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Single Version)
5. “Head Over Heels” (Remix)
6. “I Believe” (A Soulful Re-Recording)
7. “Everybody Wants To Run The World”
8. “The Way You Are” (Short Version)
9. “Mothers Talk: (U.S. Remix)
10. “Shout” (U.S. Single Version)
11. “Everybody Wants To Run The World” (Running Version)
12. “Head Over Heels” (Radio Version)
13. “Mothers Talk” (Video Version)
14. “Shout” (Short Version)
15. “Listen” (Clean Intro)
15. Interview With Curt & Roland

DISC 3: Remixed Songs From The Big Chair
1. “The Way You Are: (Extended Version)
2. “Mothers Talk” (Extended Version)
3. “Shout” (Extended Remix Version)
4. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Extended Version)
5. “Broken/Head Over Heels/Broken” (Preacher Mix)
6. “Mothers Talk” (Beat Of The Drum Mix)
7. “Shout” (U.S. Remix)
8. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Urban Mix)
9. “Mothers Talk” (U.S. Remix Alternate)
10. “Shout” (Dub)
11. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Instrumental)
12. “Shout” (A cappella)

DISC 4: Unreleased Songs From The Big Chair
1. “Head Over Heels” (Richard Skinner Session)
2. “The Working Hour” (Richard Skinner Session)
3. “Broken” (Richard Skinner Session)
4. “Mothers Talk” (Live At Massey Hall)
5. “Broken/Head Over Heels” (Live At Massey Hall)
6. “Memories Fade” (Live At Massey Hall)
7. “The Working Hour” (Live At Massey Hall)
8. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Live At Massey Hall)
9. “Shout” (Live At Massey Hall)
10. “Mothers Talk” (Early Mix/Instrumental)
11. “The Way You Are” (Early Mix)
12. “Broken” (Early Mix)
13. “Shout” (Early Mix)
14. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Alternate Single Version)

5.1 and Stereo Mix
1. “Shout”
2. “The Working Hour”
3. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”
4. “Mothers Talk”
5. “I Believe”
6. “Broken”
7. “Head Over Heels”
8. “Listen”

1. Scenes From The Big Chair – Documentary
2. Interview With Producer Chris Hughes
3. “The Way You Are” (Music Video)
4. “Mothers Talk” (Alternative UK Video)
5. “Mothers Talk” (Music Video)
6. “Shout” (Music Video)
7. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Music Video)
8. “Head Over Heels” (Music Video)
9. “I Believe” (Music Video)
10. “Mothers Talk” (Music Video)
11. “Everybody Wants To Run The World” (Music Video)
BBC TV appearances:
12. “The Way You Are” (Top of the Pops)
13. “Mothers Talk” (Top of the Pops)
14. “Mothers Talk” (Top of the Pops)
15. “Shout” (Top of the Pops)
16. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Wogan)
17. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Top of the Pops)
18. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Top of the Pops)
19. “The Working Hour” (Wogan)






  1. I SO NEED TO GET A Paycheck!

    Between Siouxsie’s sophomore solo LP & The Banshees remasters (and deluxe remasters Box Set), Steven Severin’s short film soundtrack LP, Stevie Nicks’ double album, U2’s companion albums, Prince’s next musical foray, and NOW THIS — music in the last quarter of 2014 and the early middle of 2015 is going to be AWESOME! It’s also like a nouveau /retro 1980s record collection.

    I can only imagine what kind of hidden tracks, demos, and unreleased live/studio gems are awaiting our very willing, rapturous ears. I’m fascinated to see what the track list will be. This truly was their best album.

  2. which new alternate mix of Mothers Talk will this have as the US single mix? :)

  3. It’s still a bit early though isn’t it? The album was issued originally in 1985 so NEXT YEAR is the true 30th anniversary of this mega-selling album of theirs. Perhaps the expedited release date is a deliberate ploy to have it compete for the Xmas albums market?

    Anyway, it’s not the only ‘anniversary/special multi-format remastered edition’ that’s come out a little earlier than expected: even Oasis’ “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory” is due to be released this year – even though, as everybody knows, its true 20th anniversary falls in summer 2015.

  4. This feels like there will be a lot of filler. I feel like they had to struggle to find enough worthy material for the last two disc treatment. And I will say that their b-sides were always pretty bad, shocking considering how good their album tracks were. The Hurting was way over due for what was done recently, a lot missing stuff was included, this, however, feels like a pass for me.

  5. Is confirmed that steven wilson has made a 5.1 hi-res version for the blu-ray, and seems it sounds great

  6. This does look pretty comprehensive and pretty good… Always been a sucker for unreleased BBC sessions!

  7. I think I’ll be stopping with the 2-Disc

  8. Very nice track-listing. I’ve been listening on Spotify, will eventually get the set. I only wonder why the edit of “The Working Hour” was not included (not the piano version).

  9. I’m still not noticing – what’s the difference between the album and single version of “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”? Is ther an EQ difference or something? I was puzzled why it was on the original deluxe edition as well – seemed like wasted space

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