Album News — December 2, 2014 at 12:17 am

New Order teases new studio album with photo taken during mixing session

New Order

The members of New Order have been talking up new music since reuniting a few years ago, and the prospect of a new album became that much more real this past September when the band signed to the legendary Mute label and it was announced that the now Peter Hook-less group soon would return to the studio to work on new music.

On Monday, the band offered a progress report on its work via an in-studio photo posted to Instagram bearing the caption “Mixing…” In that picture, shown above, bandmembers Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert can be seen, although Bernard Sumner doesn’t appear to be in the shot.

No other information was provided by the band. So far this year, however, New Order has debuted a pair of new songs in concert (“Singularity” and “Plastic”).

New Order’s most recent studio release was last year’s Lost Sirens, a collection of Waiting For the Sirens’ Call outtakes that stands as Hook’s last recordings with the group.






  1. So then this would be the Revenge of the Other Two…

  2. Maybe Bernard took the picture…?

  3. Imagine Bad Lieutenant..only worse.

    Tease over.

  4. You must have a sad life, Jack Bates. Trolling this site. Of course, I’m sadder, trolling you. Damn us.

  5. Peter Hook worked with New Order on tracks for the 2007 movie Control. They are all instrumental tracks but they are so far the last tracks he worked on with the band.

    Hooky wanted those tracks on Lost Sirens, to wrap up everything they have done together, but the rest of the band disagreed and out voted him. Some of those tracks were included on the Control soundtrack, but Hooky said there are a few still tracks left that have been unreleased.

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