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Paul Weller to release ‘Saturn’s Pattern’ — 11th solo album — later this year

Paul Weller

Paul Weller will follow up 2012’s Sonik Kicks with a brand-new album this year, a record titled Saturn’s Pattern that is due to arrive sometime in 2015, according to the former Jam leader. While Weller has not revealed a release date for his 11th solo album, he did recently disclose the tracklist for the nine-song collection, which you can peruse below.

Weller also is touring the U.K. in March, “playing towns often overlooked by other bands.”

See those dates below as well.


Tracklist: Paul Weller, Saturn’s Pattern

1. “White Sky”
2. “Saturn’s Pattern”
3. “Going My Way”
4. “Long Time”
5. “Pick It Up”
6. “Phoenix”
7. “I’m Where I Should Be”
8. “In The Car”
9. “These City Streets”


Paul Weller tour dates:

March 5: Pavilions, Plymouth, UK
March 6: Oasis, Swindon, UK
March 7: Guildhall, Portsmouth, UK
March 9: Colosseum, Watford, UK
March 10: Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, UK
March 12: Victoria Hall, Stoke-on-trent, UK
March 13: Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK
March 14: Cliffs Pavilion, Southend, UK
March 16: George’s Hall, Blackburn King, UK
March 17: Baths Hall, Scunthorpe, UK
March 18: Victoria Theatre, Halifax, UK
March 20: Barbican, York, UK
March 21: Sands Centre, Carlisle, UK
March 22: Playhouse, Edinburgh, UK






  1. How’s about playing Santa Rosa Ca? So far, Mr. Weller has been able to ‘overlook’ the entire North American continent (save for a few NY dates now and then).

    • He toured the States a few years back and I saw him in Seattle. It was an amazing show but unfortunately no one showed up. It was a relatively small theater he played too. It was so poorly attended he even made a comment about it on stage. I felt bad for him but it didn’t prevent him from giving it his all. The Jam never had a huge impact here for some reason and his solo career has been completely ignored unfortunately. The expense of touring over here with so little return may be why we will never see him here again. One can hope though.

  2. Scott Stalcup

    Annnnnnnnnnd it still won’t be as great as the stuff he did thirty-odd years ago with The Jam.

    Get Bruce back on a full-time basis to do bass and I know Paul and Rick give the Palestinians and Israelis a run for the money in the “I despise your very existence” department, but get Bruce back on a full-time basis to do bass and backing vocals. Let him sing “David Watts,” “Smithers-Jones,” and “News of the World” live and have done with it.

    That’s all I’m asking!

    • So did the animosity exist before the breakup, or did the falling out come later, when Rick wanted to re-form?

      • Scott Stalcup

        If memory serves me correctly, Rick and Bruce took a page from the Rourke/Joyce playbook and sued for royalties in the early 1990s. Bruce and Paul mended fences when Pat Foxton and John Weller were near death. This led to Rick and Bruce falling out after the two formed From the Jam.

  3. Chris Ingalls

    Weller’s definitely not as popular in the States as he is in his home country, but certain U.S. cities welcome him with open arms, particularly Los Angeles, New York, and Boston (where I live). I’ve seen him here five times since 2001 and the shows are always well-attended and enthusiastic. That’s why he focuses on those cities (among others). He planned a small tour in 2000 in support of “Heliocentric” and had to scrap the whole thing due to low ticket sales. People just don’t know enough about him over here, which is a shame, because with the right exposure, he could be huge. And as much as I loved the Jam, I have absolutely no interest in seeing them reform for a cheesy nostaglia tour. Paul’s making terrific music on his own. No need to go back to that well.

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