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Paul Weller drafts Robert Wyatt, Boy George to guest on new album ‘A Kind Revolution’

Former Jam frontman Paul Weller this spring will release his 13th solo album, titled A Kind Revolution, a 10-track collection he began work on immediately after completing 2015’s Saturns Pattern and which features guest appearances by Robert Wyatt and Boy George.

The album, co-produced by Weller and Jan “Stan” Kybert, is due out May 12 on Parlophone Records, and can be pre-ordered now. It’s being released in multiple formats, including a deluxe 3CD set that includes a disc of instrumentals and a disc of remixes and alternate versions, plus a vinyl box set that features the album spread over five 10-inch records.

Weller is backed by his members of his touring band — Andy Crofts, Ben Gordelier, Steve Cradock and Steve Pilgrim — on the record, and Boy George contributes vocals an “exceedingly funky” song called “One Tear.” Wyatt, apparently lured out of retirement by Weller, sings and plays trumpet on “She Moves with the Fayre.”

Soul singers PP Arnold and Madeline Bell also contribute, as does guitarist Josh McClorey of The Strypes.

See full tracklist below.


Tracklist: Paul Weller, A Kind Revolution

1. “Woo Se Mama”
2. “Nova”
3. “Long Long Road”
4. “She Moves with the Fayre”
5. “The Cranes are Back”
6. “Hopper”
7. “New York”
8. “One Tear”
9. “Satellite Kid”
10. “The Impossible Idea”




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  1. Always love Robert Wyatt who used Weller playing slide guitar on the former’s album ‘Schleep’. Our paths crossed when I played piano on Phil Manzanera’s 2005 album ’50 Minutes Later’ with Roberto playing trumpet. On Kevin Ayer’s last record I remember playing the Wyattron. I live in Spain. So this site looks like it might keep me abreast. Bravo !

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