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Vintage Video: Hoodoo Gurus tear through ‘Stoneage Romeos’-era set in Sydney in 1984

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we head down under for this hour-long performance broadcast by Australian television of the Hoodoo Gurus playing in Sydney in 1984 in the months following the release of their debut, Stoneage Romeos.

It’s a ripping 20-song set that finds the band playing songs off the new album, including single “I Want You Back,” some covers (“Who Do You Love?,” “Rock and Roll Pt. 2”) and more.

Plus, that hair. 

Check it out below.


Setlist: Hoodoo Gurus, Chevron Hotel, Sydney, Australia, 7/18/84

1. “Who do You Love?”
2. “Dig It Up”
3. “I Want You Back”
4. “Death Ship”
5. “Tomorrow That Was Yesterday”
6. “I Want You”
7. “My Girl”
8. “Because You’re Mine”
9. “In The Echo Chamber”
10. “Hayride To Hell”
11. “(Lets All) Turn On”
12. “Tojo”
13. “Arthur”
14. “Leilani”
15. “Zanzibar”
16. “That’s Cool, That’s Trash”
17. “Leilani Pt2”
18. “Be My Guru”
19. “I Was A Kamikaze Pilot”
20. “Rock And Roll Pt 2”




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