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OMD unveils ‘Souvenir’ 7-disc box set and 2CD singles set — hear new single ‘Don’t Go’

Synthpop legends Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark today announced plans to release a career-spanning 7-disc box set with unreleased live and studio material as well as a 20-song singles collection — both titled Souvenir — and debuted a new single called “Don’t Go.”

The releases, part of the duo’s 40th anniversary celebration, are due out Oct. 4, and can be pre-ordered via’s the group’s website. You can also stream the new single below.

The 7-disc box set features five CDs and two DVDs and is housed in a 10-inch box with a hardback book, a poster and a series of 10-inch prints. The first two discs carry OMD’s 20 singles, from 1979’s “Electricity” to 2019’s “Don’t Go.” The third disc features 22 unreleased tracks form the duo’s archive, while the fourth and fifth CDs feature live shows recorded in 1983 and 2011.

The two DVDs are devoted to OMD’s BBC TV appearances and chronicling multiple live shows.

Separately, Souvenir is also being released as the 20-track singles collection, both in 2CD and 3LP formats. The singles collection will be released digitally, too. The tracklist is the same as the box set’s first two discs.

OMD currently is on tour in the U.S. with The B-52s and Berlin.

Below, listen to new single “Don’t Go” and check out the box set’s tracklist.




Tracklist: OMD, Souvenir 5CD/2DVD Limited Edition Deluxe Boxset

CD 1: The Singles 1979-1987
1. “Electricity”
2. “Red Frame/White Light”
3. “Messages”
4. “Enola Gay”
5. “Souvenir”
6. “Joan of Arc”
7. “Maid of Orleans”
8. “Genetic Engineering”
9. “Telegraph”
10. “Locomotion”
11. “Talking Loud and Clear”
12. “Tesla Girls”
13. “Never Turn Away”
14. “So in Love”
15. “Secret”
16. “La Femme Accident”
17. “If You Leave”
18. “(Forever) Live and Die”
19. “We Love You”
20. “Shame”

CD 2: The Singles 1988-2019
1. “Dreaming”
2, “Sailing on the Seven Seas”
3. “Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way)”
4. “Then You Turn Away”
5. “Call My Name”
6. “Stand Above Me”
7.” Dream of Me”
8. “Everyday”
9. “Walking on the Milky Way”
10. “Universal”
11. “If You Want It”
12. “Sister Marie Says”
13. “History of Modern (Part 1)”
14. “Metroland”
15. “Dresden”
16. “Night Café”
17. “Isotype”
18. “The Punishment Of Luxury”
19. “What Have We Done”
20. “Don’t Go”

CD 3: Unreleased Archive Vol I
1. “Brand New Science” (06.1981)
2, “Dumbomb” (01.1986)
3. “Violin Piece” (09.1982)
4. “Untitled 2” (06.1981)
5. “Cut Me Down” (03.1986)
6. “Radio Swiss International” (09.1982)
7. “Untitled 3” (09.1982)
8. “Weekend” (04.1985)
9. “Organ Ditty” (05.1980)
10. “Unreleased Idea” (06.1981)
11. “Cajun Moon” (05.1986)
12. “Guitar Thrash” (09.1982)
13. “SMPTE” (12.1982)
14. “American Venus” (04.1990)
15. “Liberator” (02.1985)
16. “Ambient 1” (04.1980)
17. “Unused 1” (12.1980)
18. “Flamenco” (04.1990)
19. “Andy’s Song” (04.1985)
20. “Dynamo Children” (01.1985)
21. “Flutey” (03.1984)
22. “Nice Ending” (06.1981)

CD 4: Live at the Mermaid Theatre, London (3/2/2011)
1. “Messages”
2. “Tesla Girls”
3. “New Babies New Toys”
4. “History of Modern (Part 1)”
5. “(Forever) Live and Die”
6. “Souvenir”
7. “Joan of Arc”
8. “Maid of Orleans”
9. “New Holy Ground”
10. “Green”
11. “Walking on the Milky Way”
12. “Sister Marie Says”
13. “Locomotion”
14. “Sailing on the Seven Seas”
15. “Enola Gay”
16. “Electricity”

CD 5: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon (10/5/1983)
1. “Dazzle Ships – Parts II,III & VII”
2. “ABC Auto Industry”
3. “Messages”
4. “She’s Leaving”
5. “Georgia”
6. “Almost”
7. “Julia’s Song”
8. “Joan of Arc”
9. “Maid of Orleans”
10. “Statues”
11. “The Romance of the Telescope”
12. “Souvenir”
13. “Telegraph”
14. “Radio Waves”
15. “Bunker Soldiers”
16. “Enola Gay”
17. “Silent Running”
18. “Electricity”
19. “Pretending to See the Future”
20. “Stanlow”

DVD 1: BBC TV Performances
1. “Messages” (The Old Grey Whistle Test 15/04/1980)
2. “Messages” (Top Of The Pops 08/05/1980)
3. “Messages” (Top Of The Pops 29/05/1980)
4. “Enola Gay” (Top Of The Pops 09/10/1980)
5. “Souvenir” (Top Of The Pops 03/09/1981)
6. “Joan of Arc” (Top Of The Pops 29/10/1981)
7. “Maid Of Orleans” (Top Of The Pops 14/01/1982)
8. “Genetic Engineering” (Top Of The Pops 03/03/1983)
9. “Locomotion” (Top Of The Pops 19/04/1984)
10. “Locomotion” (Top Of The Pops 03/05/1984)
11. “Talking Loud and Clear” (Top Of The Pops 05/07/1984)
12. “Tesla Girls” (Top Of The Pops 13/09/1984)
13. “So in Love” (Top Of The Pops 30/05/1985)
14. “La Femme Accident” (The Old Grey Whistle Test 22/10/1985)
15. “(Forever) Live and Die” (Top Of The Pops 18/09/1986)
16. “Dreaming” (Wogan 27/06/1988)
17. “Sailing on the Seven Seas” (Top Of The Pops 02/05/1991)
18. “Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way)” (Top Of The Pops 11/07/1991)
19. “Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way)” (Top Of The Pops 25/07/1991)
20. “Call My Name” (Pebble Mill 11/12/1991)
21. “Stand Above Me” (Top Of The Pops 13/05/1993)
22. “Walking on the Milky Way” (Top Of The Pops 16/08/1996)
23. “Enola Gay” (Later With Jools Holland 31/05/2013)

DVD 2: Live at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (04/12/1981), Live at Sheffield City Hall (14/6/1985) and Crush: The Movie
Live at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (04/12/1981)
1. “Almost”
2. “Mystereality”
3. “Joan Of Arc”
4. “Motion and Heart”
5. “Maid Of Orleans”
6. “Statues”
7. “Souvenir”
8. “New Stone Age”
9. “Enola Gay”
10. “Bunker Soldiers”
11. “Electricity”
12. “She’s Leaving”
13. “Julia’s Song”
Live at Sheffield City Hall (14/6/1985)
15. “The Romance Of The Telescope (Intro)”
16. “Crush”
17. “Messages”
18. “Secret”
19. “Tesla Girls”
20. “White Trash”
21. “Talking Loud and Clear”
22. “Maid Of Orleans”
23. “Telegraph”
24. “Enola Gay”
25. “Electricity”
26. “The Romance Of The Telescope”
Crush: The Movie
27. “Bloc Bloc Bloc”
28. “The Native Daughters Of The Golden West”
29. “So In Love”
30. “88 Seconds In Greensboro”
31. “Hold You”
32. “Women III”
33. “Crush”
34. “La Femme Accident”
35. “Secret”
36. “The Lights Are Going Out”





  1. Timm Davison

    I received an email from Lexer Music that mentions a replica of the original Factory 7″ version of Electricity with a new remix of b-side Almost done by Vince Clarke. However, there seems to be no separate 7″ link for purchase – is this included in the mega-box set?

  2. Read that the 7″ will be re-posted in a couple weeks. Is not in box set.

    Hoping they continue the album reissues with complete b-sides/remixes etc.

  3. New song is enjoyable enough. I would really like to just pick up that disc 3 to hear any gems that may be on it. Navigation is such a great CD with its b-sides (really should have been a double CD as they left off several from that time period like Satellite and 10 to 1) and I bet that there are at least a few on disc 3.
    Very glad that OMD is still doing some great creative work. They really are one of the most active of the 80s bands.


    This is a great humdinger of a release to look forward to to mark their 40th! However, I am still smarting about the fiasco surrounding their most recent remastered/expanded ’35th anniversary’ reissue of Junk Culture, which was an almighty cock up on the part of Universal Music Group AND Andy McCluskey (two shorter edits on the original album for crying out loud, what is that about?), and of course the way it was issued as a limited edition 2CD digipak format (which soon was out of print and now commanding stupid prices online) when their previous 4 single CD titles were – and still are – widely available in unlimited quantities. Repeated queries to UMG have yielded nothing which tells you how dreadful UMG are at customer relations. It’s time a straight repressing of that (with correct tracks) was in order as this clearly is not satisfactory!

  5. Probably the only 80s group making new music in the 21st century that is as good as their 80s ( Metroland & ENCLISH electric are my playlist fir airplane travel )

  6. Rene Winther

    American Venus its amazing its disco/pop and you see that it is the best b-side too Pandoras box

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