Digital Music — July 9, 2020 at 11:40 pm

Listen: Erasure, ‘Shot a Satellite’ — second single off upcoming album ‘The Neon’

Photo by Phil Sharp

Erasure today premiered “Shot a Satellite,” the second track off the duo’s first new record in three years and 18th studio album overall — a 10-track collection called The Neon that will be released by Mute on Aug. 21. You can hear the new song in full below.

The track follows the release last month of The Neon’s first single “Hey Now (Think I Got a A Feeling).”

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke came together together in Atlanta to record vocals for the album, and the duo mixed the record earlier this year in London. According to the label, the project found the two returning to work together “with a fresh optimism and energy, in part born from their own recent personal projects” and a focus on classic pop sounds.






  1. Delta Mode

    That’s very average I must say. The first song was fine but nothing special and now this…
    Maybe it’s time to call it a day lads.

    • It has been kind of a slow decline for them since “The Innocents.” Oh, sure, so decent tracks and singles along the way, but overall things have bit hit and miss.

  2. Delta Mode

    I’ve always thought Chorus from ‘91 was their peak and like you said, some decent singles along the way but I think they’ve been mostly going through the motions ever since. Vince Clarke is a true innovator, but unlike Martin Gore his main aim always seemed to be getting Chart hits, there was never anything really deep and meaningful about the majority of Erasure’s output. It was always about banging out hit after hit and they were superb pop songs no doubt.
    But to still be doing that in 2020….oh dear lol

  3. Delta Mode

    As much as I love both Depeche Mode and Erasure and one or two other bands from that certain era, I just find that the older they get and the more they trudge on…the more tired and uninspired they sound. Every artist has their moment, a special record or maybe a trio of special records during a certain time. But it gets to a point when they start making records just for the sake of it. It becomes all about the money and it’s rather sad.
    At least the Cure had the right idea. Let’s just play shows every now and again, no one wants to hear new, uninspired sludge, they just want to hear the good stuff. And I’m not really a Cure fan.
    I’m rambling now but you all know what I mean :-)
    All the best folks

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