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Listen: Midnight Oil returns with ‘Gadigal Land’ — first new song in 17 years

Midnight Oil is back with its first new music in 17 years, a song called “Gadigal Land” that’s the first single off the group’s forthcoming mini-album The Makarrata Project that was recorded in collaboration with “our First Nations friends.” You can hear the full song below.

The new song features contributions by vocalists Kaleena Briggs, Bunna Lawrie and Dan Sultan plus a lyrical section written and delivered by Gadigal poet Joel Davison.

The Makarrata Project mini-album, previously described as having eight songs, is due out in late October, according to the band. When the new project was announced in February, the Oils said it would be the first of two new albums out this year, with The Makarrata Project arriving in the summer and a full studio album to be released “toward the end of the year.”

The band’s announcement of the new single made no mention of the second album, nor the touring that was planned around each release — but for obvious reasons is now on hold. The band has promised that profits from The Makarrata Project will go to charities “which elevate The Uluru Statement From the Heart.”

The Oils reunited in 2017 for a global tour, the band’s first performances since reuniting for benefit gigs in 2009. The band debuted a new song called “Tarkine” last summer while playing a few gigs before heading into the studio. The new single is the band’s first new music since 2003 benefit single “No Man’s Land.” The Oils’ last album, Capricornia, was released in 2002.

Hear “Gadigal Land” below.






  1. Sounding good! Can’t wait for the rest!

    Welcome back, fellas. You’ve been missed and are needed!

  2. Great track! They’ve knocked it out of the park with this comeback single! Almost sounds like a collaboration with The Saints!

  3. “Almost sounds like a collaboration with The Saints!”

    LOL – I was just thinking the same thing.

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