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New Order live album and film ‘Education Entertainment Recreation’ to capture 2018 gig

New Order

New Order this May will release a new live album — the band’s fifth in the last decade — that was recorded at London’s Alexandra Palace in what was their only U.K. live show of 2018, a career-spanning set that included performances of several Joy Division songs.

Due out May 7, Education Entertainment Recreation will be available on multiple formats: a 2CD set, a 2CD set plus the filmed concert on Blu-ray, a 3LP set and a limited-edition box set that includes the 2CD edition, the 3LP edition on clear vinyl, the Blu-ray film, a book and art prints.

The box set is available only on the band’s website.

The Nov. 9, 2018, performance features New Order’s current lineup of Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert, Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman.

Here’s the full tracklist and a trailer:



New Order, Education Entertainment Recreation

1. “Das Rheingold: Vorspiel” (Intro music)
2. “Singularity”
3. “Regret”
4. “Love Vigilantes”
5. “Ultraviolence”
6. “Disorder”
7. “Crystal”
8. “Academic”
9. “Your Silent Face”
10. “Tutti Frutti”
11. “Sub-Culture”
12. “BLT”
13. “Vanishing Point”
14. “Waiting for the Sirens Call”
15. “Plastic”
16. “The Perfect Kiss”
17. “True Faith”
18. “Blue Monday”
19. “Temptation”
20. “Atmosphere”
21. “Decades”
22. “Love Will Tear Us Apart”





  1. Worst titled live album ever.

  2. Pretentious

  3. MACPHISTO 5064

    Come on people…be a little happy
    ..Its New Order…..its cool.

    By the way..Digging the Miami Pic of N.O.

  4. One of my favorite bands of all time, but this is getting ridiculous. It’s a pandemic, someone tell them we don’t have the money for these expensive reissue box sets, a gazillion remixes in different formats for a sub par single (at best, for me it’s their second worst single aside from Jetstream), yet another live album when they just released two in a row, both expensive, and tickets to a tour that will be pushed back again anyway. Just stop it.

  5. always wondering why record labels manage to release a 2xCD set seperately but never the Blu-ray on its own… Obviously it has nothing to do to cash in more on the release, why would it ;)

  6. I feel the timing here is partly attributed to the fact that they couldn’t tour as planned in 2020. Probably an effort to recoup that revenue- I do agree that they are nearing Depeche Mode like status for the amount of live releases. I’d like more substance personally…like, um a “Substance” expanded remaster.

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