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The House of Love’s 1989-1993 output, plus unreleased tracks to fill 8-disc box set

Cherry Red Records this summer will release an eight-disc box set that will collect The House of Love’s output from 1989 to 1993, including expanded editions of three studio albums and the compilation A Spy In the House of Love, plus two discs of previously unreleased live material.

The collection Burn Down the World: The Fontana Years 1989-1993 is due out July 29 and can be pre-ordered directly from Cherry Red. Pre-orders come with signed postcards “while stocks last.”

The set includes expanded editions of the band’s three albums on Fontana Records: 1990’s The House of Love, featuring eight previously unreleased demos and live tracks; 1992’s Babe Rainbow, featuring five mostly unreleased references mixes and demos; and 1993’s once-final album Audience With the Mind, featuring two bonus tracks, one of which is previously unreleased.

The band’s 1990 compilation of B-sides and then-unreleased cuts, A Spy In the House of Love, sees its original 14-song running order expanded with an additional 47 tracks spread across three CDs, collecting a variety of B-sides, mixes, fan club releases, demos and live cuts, including covers like the band’s recordings of The Chills’ “Pink Frost” and Leonard Cohen’s “Who By Fire.”

The box set is rounded out by two discs worth of previously unreleased live material, a total of 30 tracks recorded at concerts in the U.K. and U.S. between 1990 and 1992.

The new collection’s release comes ahead of U.K. and U.S. tours planned later this year by bandleader Guy Chadwick’s new incarnation of The House of Love, plus an anticipated new studio album.

Check out the full tracklist:


The House of Love, Burn Down the World: The Fontana Years 1989-1993

Disc 1: The House of Love (Plus)
1. “Hannah”
2. “Shine On”
3. “Beatles And The Stones”
4. “Shake And Crawl”
5. “Hedonist”
6. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You”
7. “Never”
8. “Someone’s Got To Love You”
9. “In A Room”
10. “Blind”
11. “32nd Floor”
12. “Se Dest”
Bonus tracks
13. “Never” (Chocolate Factory Demo) *
14. “Beatles And The Stones” (Chocolate Factory Demo) *
15. “In A Room” (Chocolate Factory Demo) *
16. “Se Dest” (Chocolate Factory Demo) *
17. “Someone’s Got To Love You” (Chocolate Factory Demo) *
18. “Waiting In Water” (Chocolate Factory Demo) *
19. “Man To Child” (Live) *
20. “Nothing To Me” (Live) *
* Previously unreleased

Disc 2: Babe Rainbow (Plus)
1. “You Don’t Understand”
2. “Crush Me”
3. “Cruel”
4. “High In Your Face”
5. “Fade Away”
6. “Feel”
7. “The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes”
8. “Burn Down The World”
9. “Philly Phile”
10. “Yer Eyes”
Bonus tracks
11. “Burn Down The World” (Eel Pie Reference Mix) *
12. “Cruel” (Eel Pie Extended Reference Mix) *
13. “Feel” (Eel Pie Extended Reference Mix) *
14. “Yer Eyes” (Eel Pie Reference Mix)
15. “Crush Me” (Demo) *
* Previously unreleased

Disc 3: Audience With the Mind (Plus)
1. “Sweet Anatomy”
2. “Audience With The Mind”
3. “Haloes”
4. “Erosion”
5. “Call Me”
6. “Shining On”
7. “Portrait In Atlanta”
8. “Corridors”
9. “Hollow”
10. “All Night Long”
11. “Into The Tunnel”
12. “You’ve Got To Feel”
Bonus tracks
13. “Train Song” *
14. “Into The Tunnel” (Alternate)
* Previously unreleased

Disc 4: A Spy In the House of Love (Part 1)
1. “Safe”
2. “Marble”
3. “D Song ’89”
4. “Scratched Inside”
5. “Phone”
6. “Cut The Fool Down 7 Ray”
8. “Love II”
9. “Baby Teen”
10. “Love III”
11. “Soft As Fire”
12. “Love IV”
13. “No Fire”
14. “Love V”
15. “Shake and Crawl” (Demo Version 2)
16. “No Fire” (Demo)
17. “Hannah” (Demo)
18. “Destroy The Heart” (Live 1989)
19. “Christine” (Live 1989)
20. “Man To Child” (Live 1989)

Disc 5: A Spy In the House of Love (Part 2)
1. “No Fire” (Promo Mix)
2. “Safe” (B-Side Version)
3. “Secrets”
4. “I Can’t Stand It”
5. “Clothes”
6. “Rouge”
7. “Phone” (B-Side Acoustic Mix)
8. “Scratched Inside” (B-Side Mix)
9. “Marble” (B-Side Mix)
10. “Never” (12″ Version)
11. “The Spy”
12. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” (7″ Version)
13. “Rosalyn”
14. “Allergy”
15. “Glorify Me”
16. “Beatles And The Stones” (Single Mix)
17. “Purple Killer Rose”
18. “Tea In The Sun”
19. “Pink Frost”
20. “Let’s Talk About You”

Disc 6: A Spy In the House of Love (Part 3)
1. “It’s All Too Much”
2. “Strange Brew”
3. “Sweet Anatomy” (Alternate Version)
4. “Kiss The Fountain”
5. “Third Generation Liquid Song”
6. “The Last Edition Of Love”
7. “Love 10”
8. “Skin 2 Phase 2”
9. “Shine On” (Acoustic)
10. “Hope” (Acoustic)
11. “Hannah” (Acoustic)
12. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” (Acoustic)
13. “Crush Me” (Acoustic)
14. “The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes” (Acoustic)
15. “Phillyphile” (Acoustic)
16. “Fade Away” (Acoustic)
17. “Baby Teen” (Radio Edit)
18. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” (7″ Drip Of Rockman Mix)
19. “Who by Fire”
20. “Rock Your Baby”
21. “Fall In Love With Me”

Disc 7: Live in Leicester (1990)
1. “Hannah”
2. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You”
3. “In A Room”
4. “Beatles And The Stones”
5. “Nothing To Me”
6. “Road”
7. “Plastic'”
8. “Love In A Car”
9. “Se Dest”
10. “Never”
11. “Hope”
12. “Salome”
13. “Shine On”
14. “Christine”
15. “Man To Child”
16. “Destroy The Heart”
17. “I Can’t Stand It”
All tracks previously unreleased

Disc 8: Live in London and New York (1991-1992)
1. “Phone” (London)
2. “Hannah” (London)
3. “Love 2” (London)
4. “High In Your Face” (New York)
5. “You Don’t Understand” (New York)
6. “Burn Down The World” (New York)
7. “Christine” (New York)
8. “Feel” (New York)
9. “Hannah” (New York)
10. “Shine On” (New York)
11. “The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes” (New York)
12. “Cruel” (New York)
13. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” (New York)
All tracks previously unreleased






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