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Watch: Public Image Ltd. performs new song “Hawaii,” but fails to win Eurovision slot

PiL’s John Lydon performs on Ireland’s “The Late Late Show”

Public Image Ltd. appeared on Ireland’s “The Late Late Show” tonight as part of the band’s bid to represent that nation at the 67th annual Eurovision Song Contest; performing the song “Hawaii” that frontman John Lydon wrote in honor of his wife Nora Forster and her struggles with Alzheimer’s disease.

Unfortunately, viewers did not vote PiL in as Ireland’s Eurovision entry; that honor went to the the band Wild Youth, with Lydon and Co. finishing fourth out of the six acts, according to the Daily Mail.

In the introduction to PiL’s televised performance, Lydon called the band’s entry “a love song to my wife,” adding, “A few years in the making is ‘Hawaii.’ We had a wonderful holiday there once, me and Nora.”

Watch the full performance:







  1. terrible in its beauty; he is breaking down during the song

  2. “all journeys end”…. :*-(

  3. A heartbreaking work of staggering genius

  4. Such a wonderful song from a great man so heartfelt words of pure love for your wife

  5. Horrible song. Yeah it’s heartbreaking his wife has Alzheimer’s, but that fact doesn’t make him suddenly a good songwriter.

  6. Adore John Lydon! Legend…

  7. I love that he just bloody sung his heart out to the love of his life.::: but the song itself… sorry… really awful … I actually think he’s achieved what was needed and that’s awareness and a public declaration of his love and grief to his previous life partner

  8. Sadly, he simply cannot sing anymore.

  9. wonderful dream scape….

  10. Wendy Rivera

    So heart felt, made me cry,what a legend,


    Sorry I know it’s a sentimental song, but its a TERRIBLE SONG, he couldn’t sing in tune and the words were crap. he was great in his youth BUT not now I’m afraid. It would have been embarrassing if that went to represent Ireland. it reminded me of that Father Ted episode…….Time to hang up your microphone.

  12. Its PIL, Its John, what did jou expect?
    But, they did it, the journey is better than the arrival, maby a start of a new Career???

  13. PiL’s new song Hawaii will be listened too for decades, most songs in the contest will be forgotten in months.

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