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The Chills’ out-of-print debut “Brave Words” to receive remastered, expanded reissue

The Chills

Fire Records this October will release a remastered, remixed and expanded 2LP vinyl reissue of New Zealand indie-pop legends The Chills’ long-out-of-print 1987 debut Brave Words, featuring extra tracks and “reimagined” artwork by bandleader Martin Phillipps.

The new 18-track edition of Brave Words, the first reissue of the album since its initial Flying Nun Records release more than three decades ago, is due out Oct. 13, along with an expanded edition of 1986 compilation Kaleidoscope World, a title that has been reissued more recently.

Fire Records only announced vinyl releases of the two albums, but Bandcamp is taking preorders on digital versions, and, on Twitter, when asked about digital and CD editions, the label replied: “More news on that soon…” So it remains to be seen if they’ll be reissued on CD.

In a statement accompanying the announcement, Phillips said:

“This is an exciting time for The Chills! A new deal with Fire Records means our full catalogue will be back on streaming services again very soon. We’re also looking forward to the double LP re-issue of ‘Kaleidoscope World’ (the one with the extra tracks!) on coloured vinyl. And finally we’ll be releasing the, not just remastered, but also remixed, 1987 album ‘Brave Words’ with extra material! Over the last few years we have worked with Fire on a number of new releases and re-issues and it just feels right knowing our entire catalogue is now in the right hands.”

Brave Words’ initial release in 1987 saw a 12-song tracklist on vinyl and cassette and a 15-song CD edition. The new reissue expands the 15-song tracklist by three more songs, including “I Think I’d Thought I’d Nothing Else To Think About,” the B-side to the “Wet Blanket” single; “The Oncoming Day,” a song that was later recorded for second album Submarine Bells (it’s not clear if this is the same “early version” of the song that appeared on the last expansion of Kaleidoscope World); and an alternate instrumental version of “Rain.”

The Kaleidoscope World compilation of early favorites like “Pink Frost” and “Rolling Moon” — songs that helped The Chills establish the so-called “Dunedin sound” — has been expanded twice, most recently in 2016 by Flying Nun. Fire Records’ upcoming reissue features the same 24-song tracklist as that previous edition.

Both new reissues can be pre-ordered via Fire Records.

Below, check out the tracklists — and the newly remastered versions of Brave Words’ “Party In My Heart” and the bonus track “I Think I’d Thought I’d Nothing Else To Think About.”



The Chills, Brave Words (Expanded and Remastered)

1. “Push”
2. “Rain”
3. “Speak For Yourself”
4. “Look For The Good In Others And They’ll See The Good In You”
5. “Wet Blanket”
6. “Ghosts”
7. “Dan Destiny & The Silver Dawn”
8. “Night Of Chill Blue”
9. “16 Heart-Throbs”
10. “Brave Words”
11. “Dark Carnival”
12. “Creep”
13. “The Oncoming Day” *
14. “I Think I’d Thought I’d Nothing Else To Think About” *
15. “House With A Hundred Rooms”
16. “Party In My Heart”
17. “Living In A Jungle”
18. “Rain” (Alternate Instrumental Version) *

* Bonus tracks


The Chills, Kaleidoscope World (Expanded Edition)

1. “Kaleidoscope World”
2. “Satin Doll”
3. “Frantic Drift”
4. “Rolling Moon”
5. “Bite”
6. “Flame Thrower”
7. “Pink Frost”
8. “Purple Girl”
9. “This Is The Way”
10. “Never Never Go”
11. “Don’t Even Know Her Name”
12. “Bee Bah Bee Bah Bee Boe”
13. “Whole Weird World”
14. “Dream By Dream”
15. “Doldrums”
16. “Hidden Bay”
17. “I Love My Leather Jacket”
18. “The Great Escape”
19. “Oncoming Day” (Early Version)
20. “Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn” (Unplugged)
21. “Martyn’s Doctor Told Me”
22. “I’ll Only See You Alone Again”
23. “Green-Eyed Owl” (Live)
24. “Smile From A Dead Dead Face” (Live)





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