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Morrissey to reissue tweaked ‘Kill Uncle,’ release 3 new songs as B-sides to ’89 single

It’s not all bad news these days for Morrissey fans: The ex-Smiths singer today announced that he will reissue his sophomore album Kill Uncle this April along with his 1989 single “The Last of the Famous International Playboys,” the latter of which will feature three new, previously unreleased songs as B-sides.

According to a news release posted at True To You, a newly remastered edition of Moz’s 1991 album will be reissued April 8. The album will be released in gatefold CD and LP with new, yet-to-be-revealed cover art, as Morrissey has done for many of his reissues.

Like he did with last year’s Viva Hate reissue, Morrissey is taking the opportunity to tinker with the tracklist, re-ordering a number of the songs and adding “Pashernate Love,” a B-side to Your Arsenal single “You’re the One For Me, Fatty,” and “East West,” a Herman’s Hermits cover that appeared as the B-side to “Ouija Board, Ouija Board.” He also has replaced the original recording of “There’s a Place in Hell For Me and My Friends” with a “live in studio” version.

The press material for the reissue notes “the album has a revitalized quality, which accentuates some of its more subtle, experimental qualities and nuances; in particular, some of the more unusual musical styles which Morrissey explored for the first time.”

On the same date, the “Last of the Famous International Playboys” single will be reissued on 7-inch picture disc, CD single and digital download. All three will feature a different, as-yet-unreleased song that Morrissey recorded for BBC Radio 2’s Janice Long Show on June 15, 2011, and has been performing live ever since.


Tracklist: Morrissey, Kill Uncle reissue

1. “Our Frank”
2. “Sing Your Life”
3. “Mute Witness”
4. “King Leer”
5. “Asian Rut”
6. “Pashernate Love”
7. “East West”
8. “Found Found Found”
9. “Driving Your Girlfriend Home”
10. “The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye”
11. “There’s A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends” (Live in the studio version)
12. “(I’m) The End Of The Family Line”


“The Last Of The Famous International Playboys” formats:

7-inch single
B-side: “People Are The Same Everywhere” (BBC live version)

CD single
B-side: “Action Is My Middle Name” (BBC live version)

Digital download
B-side: “The Kid’s A Looker” (BBC live version)






  1. This was Mozzer’s weakest era – although the live shows were fun and chaotic mainly because the band sounded like they possibly weren’t going to be able to make it through all the songs. “Found” is about Stipe, right?

  2. Strutting Rooster

    I wish Moz would just remaster his albums and not mess about with them. This won’t sell.

  3. After he ruined the Viva Hate reissue with his tinkering I think I’ll pass on this one. Definitely his weakest release in any event.

  4. Tho “Kill Uncle” is definitely a weak point in Moz’s early solo career, there were some good songs from this era. HOWEVER, tweaking the track listing and then replacing “There’s A Place In Hell…” (one of my very favorite Morrissey songs. Ever.) with a live studio version – I’m guessing this is the version from the “Morrissey at KROQ” single – and just omitting several of the original tracks from this LP is not okay. I’m all for remasters, but don’t screw things up in the process. I have to say, I’ve been pretty disappointed in Morrissey’s re-issues so far. Hopefully “Your Arsenal” and “Vauxhall & I” will be better. *fingers crossed*

  5. Great Album, cant wait for the re-release!!

  6. Sorry Mozza, but you can’t polish a turd. I sincerely hope he doesn’t butcher the original tracklisting to “Your Arsenal” & “Vauxhall & I” as those were his two best albums IMO.

  7. Re-issue ! Re-package ! Re-package !
    Re-evaluate the songs
    Double-pack with a photograph
    Extra Track (and a tacky badge)

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