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Peter Murphy to host private $750-a-head listening party for new album ‘Lion’

Peter Murphy // Photo © Thomas Bak

Up to 40 Peter Murphy fans will get the first crack at hearing the former Bauhaus frontman’s forthcoming album Lion next month when the singer hosts a private listening party “at a secret location in the Los Angeles area,” with the promise of “an unprecedented discussion between artist and audience” — months ahead of the record’s planned 2014 release.

The Oct. 26 listening party, billed as the third in Murphy’s series of special “Miracula” events, was announced this week on the singer’s Facebook page. It’s not yet clear how much tickets will cost; full on-sale information is expected at 10 a.m. Pacific today.

UPDATE: Tickets are $750 per person, and available now via PayPal. The event’s organizers note that both they and Murphy “reserve the right to cancel ‘Miracula Lion’ in the unlikely event that ticket sales do not support the event going forward.” If that happens, they say, the ticket price will be refunded.

In March 2012, Murphy hosted his first “Miracula” concert in Las Vegas, an all-inclusive weekend that cost up to 50 fans at least $4,000 a person through auction, and included a dinner party, Q&A session and a private two-act concert. Last October, Murphy hosted a Halloween-themed “Miracula” concert in Los Angeles at a more discounted rate: $500 per person, although up to 125 tickets were sold to that event.

As for next month’s Lion listening party, here’s the announcement:

The third in a series of special Miracula shows, Miracula LION is the first of it’s kind….

An evening of celebration of Peter Murphy’s upcoming new release LION, guests will have the once in a lifetime, unique experience of listening to the recording for the very first time with Peter himself. A very intimate listening party, Peter will play tracks–ones planned for the CD and some that may never be released–and discuss the recording, the songs, personal anecdotes….it will be an incredibly special night that will introduce the new CD months in advance of the planned release date to guests in the most personal way imaginable. An unprecedented discussion between artist and audience will ensue, and it is something that no fan will want to miss.

An evening with Peter Murphy….great food, conversation, wit, charm, insight, and LION…..Will you be able to say you were there?

Guests will receive a signed and personalized copy of LION after it is released, plus a special edition signed photograph from the recording session.

The evening will take place at a secret location in the Los Angeles area. Tickets will be limited to no more than 40.

Between extensive rounds of touring, Murphy has been working on the follow-up to his 2011 album Ninth with Killing Joke bassist Youth, who is producing the record. The album is expected in early 2014.

Earlier this year, Murphy told Billboard the album sessions began after he got together with Youth — who also is set to work on the new Echo & The Bunnymen album — “just to see how it went.” He said: “We did it ourselves, just like a week to see what would go over, and basically we did the album in four and a half days. It was like dropping off the edge of a cliff and no turning back, and it was really exciting.”

The “Miracula” event follows a new round of California dates next month on Murphy’s “Mr. Moonlight Tour,” on which he’s celebrating the 35th anniversary of Bauhaus.







  1. Murphy shall “reserve the right to cancel ‘Miracula Lion’ in the unlikely event that ticket sales do not support the event going forward.” …. well might as well call it off now, mate.
    $750 to LISTEN to your album?! Fuck you. I won’t even be downloading this shit.

  2. Shameful. No respect for his fan base.

  3. This must be his version of a legal defense fund.

  4. Peter, you have a great voice, but you are not a good songwriter. David J and Daniel Ash are good songwriters, while you are just a greedy singer. You should be paying ME to listen to your stuff, especially anything after Cascade. This is just sad.

  5. from a business perspective, i’m not terribly offended by this “private” idea. however, from an ethical and/or artistic perspective, this may be just awful. i’m a full-time nurse who grosses only a little over 50K a year. so let me see if i understand peter’s metamessage correctly: if you’re wealthy, then please come and let me share my art with you on a more personal and intimate level. what next?… rappers,hollywood elites, and thier ilk at white house presidential functions? oh… wait!

  6. Lemme guess: Organizers have secured a 7-Eleven parking lot for the night, and a handful of zombified fans with their nachos and Slurpees will gather around Peter’s parked Forester as he’s counting his money, manning the CD deck, and droning on about whatever.

    The shame, I mean “magic,” continues…

  7. Maybe it’s time for all of you to wake up to the reality that is the music industry now. If any of you has every downloaded music for free, you can look in the mirror and thank yourselves for the sorry state that music finds itself in. This is no different than a Kickstarter or indiegogo campaign–artists are having to find creative ways to make a living and fund future projects. Many, many artists charge very high prices for meet and greets, etc. and other ways of creative financing just like this event. Peter Murphy’s average ticket price for the extensive touring that he does is around $30, so to claim that he only performs for the wealthy is absurd and just plain wrong. This is a special event and Peter Murphy plays plenty of shows for his fans. Give the guy a break. He has a family to support. If you can’t come, then don’t.

  8. Meh, he’s using Paypal ;)

  9. If I lived in LA I would be there for sure!! Even if I lived on the North American Continent I would be there! Good luck with the Event Peter =)

  10. It won’t be long until he is charging fans $100 each to wash his car.

  11. Hell, I’d do it tooo – if I could. So would anll of the above. So would you.

  12. Hell, I’d do it too – if I could. So would any of the above peeps. So would you too.

  13. a few thoughts/comments: 1- i have never, and i mean NEVER illegally and/or unlawfully downloaded any music (i hate MP3’s with their inherent compressed sound, and i absolutely LOVE physical product) – in fact, i currently own NO downloads and have NONE on my computer, phone, or other devices. 2- KICKSTARTER at least offers affordable options (i.e. the cost of a cd) in most artists’ cases. there is something distinctively different about rewarding wealth (in the case of mr. murphy) and soliciting contributions/investments and/or the advance-purchasing of product.

  14. Next Up: Peter Murphy Kickstarter Meth Fund

  15. Crowdfunding – The chic, noveau drug scene in L.A.

  16. Scott Stalcup

    White on white, translucent vials, that hold his meth.

    Murphy’s career is dead.

    The bats are in his belfry, his rich fans have been bled 750 a head.

    Murphy’s career is dead.

  17. Back in 2010 he offered up a $100 pp private show at a Recording Studio in the Catskill Mountains (NY). I was OK with that, and a very cool opportunity. Had a ticket … however, the show got canceled the last minute :(

    With that said. Agreed that $750 is a bit too much.

  18. it’s hard to argue with “murphy’s career is dead,” but i’m really trying hard to hope that the new disc has some quality material on it; unlike the last one.

    and yes, the pseudo-lyrics made me chuckle… thanks! i need levity these days as i’m outta work and looking. as long as i have a roof over my head, food, and clean socks and boxers; i should be fine. oh… and tons of good music!

  19. Scott Stalcup

    Thanks for getting the reference, Alan.

    He really needs to sort things with the Haskins brothers and Danny. They’re the Reese’s cups of post-punk. Fine apart, brilliant together.

  20. For those that think his career is dead, check out what the man has been doing over the last several years and how many fans his fb page has…..just saying….the Miracula events are truly amazing and worth every penny if you can swing it….

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