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Peter Murphy’s ‘Love Hysteria’ to receive 2CD reissue with 13 bonus home demos, B-sides

Peter Murphy 'Love Hysteria'

Cherry Red Records next month will mark the 25th anniversary of Peter Murphy’s second solo album — 1988’s Love Hysteria, featuring the former Bauhaus frontman’s classic single “Indigo Eyes” — with an expanded 2CD reissue that will pair the remastered nine-track album with 13 home demos, B-sides and single edits and remixes.

Neither Murphy nor the label have announced the release, but online retailer Burning Shed — which Murphy used this summer to to benefit the late Mick Karn’s family — is now taking pre-orders for the two-disc set, which is scheduled to be released Nov. 25.

According to Burning Shed, the Love Hysteria reissue will include sleevenotes featuring a new interview with Murphy and “upgraded artwork with many rare photos and memorabilia.”

See full tracklist below.

The reissue follows follows Cherry Red’s 2011 deluxe edition of Should the World Fail to Fall Apart.


Tracklist: Peter Murphy, Love Hysteria expanded reissue

CD 1
1. “All Night Long”
2. “His Circle And Hers Meet”
3. “Dragnet Drag”
4. “Socrates The Python”
5. “Indigo Eyes”
6. “Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It”
7. “Blind Sublime”
8. “My Last Two Weeks”
9. “Funtime”

CD 2
1. “All Night Long” (Demo)
2. “His Circle And Hers Meet” (Demo)
3. “Dragnet Drag” (Demo)
4. “Indigo Eyes” (Demo)
5. “Blind Sublime” (Demo)
6. “My Last Two Weeks” (Demo)
7. “Funtime” (Demo)
8. “I’ve Got A Miniature Secret Camera”
9. “Funtime”
10. “All Night Long” (Single Edit)
11. “Indigo Eyes” (Single Edit)
12. “Blind Sublime” (Remix Edit)
13. “Blind Sublime” (Blind Beats)






  1. Very cool that the reissues continue, making it more certain that “Deep” will be getting the deluxe treatment next year–and hopefully “Holy Smoke” after that. Would much rather have something juicier than the single edits, though. Some live stuff from this period would have been great. His cover of “Purple Rain” was one of many concert highlights, but am sure it can’t be included here for obvious reasons, namely the Princely fees.

    • I’ve never understood why “single edits” are considered good fodder for a reissue package. It’s like, “Here’s a song you really like, but less of it.” Wow, great! Thanks!

      I managed to get my copy of “Love Hysteria” autographed many years ago, so I won’t be selling it back to the CD store to clear shelf space. But I will probably buy this set anyway.

      • Hey, man. So true. It seems like single edits are the norm on so many compilations (but that less-is-more approach actually makes sense–sigh), but it’s more of a bummer when they appear on a second disc of “extras.” Still, I usually pounce on reissues like these and was really happy with what Cherry Red did with “If the World…,” so keep ’em coming! And, yes, most definitely hang on to your original “Love Hysteria”! Now that must be a great story… :)

        And kind of related to this, but have you ever noticed how the single edit of “New Year’s Day” (minus the third verse) is pretty much the norm everywhere outside of “War,” be it U2’s own best ofs, radio, etc.? I mention it mainly because I remember your “War” comments over at the ’83 Poll. And on a completely different note, am loving Area–THANK YOU! Where to next, high priest?!

      • They included the single versions for completists. Since i think the single versions were only on 7 inch Vinyl.

  2. Is this the same version listed on Amazon for a December 3rd release as “Love Hysteria: Expanded Edition”?

  3. Cherry Red did an excellent job with their 2-cd remaster/reissue of Shriekback Oil & Gold. Deep and Holy Smoke reissues would be great and he was excellent on both those tours.

  4. Cool, I used to hate Cherry Red because their reissues used to be non-remastered billboards for their label. There was barely any original artwork and always some cutout order form inside as well. They have since stopped that and the first Murphy remaster they did was outstanding!

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